NaNoWriMo. Word Count. Ahead?

Is it even possible to put these three words in the same sentence and actually make it sound like a real sentence, because you know that it doesn’t happen often. Or does it?

The par word count for today was 18,333. How many words am I at so far? 19,054. I never though it was possible, but if I’m going good and know what I’m writing at the moment, I can’t get about a 1,000 words in roughly about an hour? So yesterday morning, and kind of today to, started around 7:45-8 a.m. I had the 1,667 words done before 9:30 which is absolutely crazy.

And that brings us to a question. I’m not the greatest with grammer, so should I worry about fixing it or should I wait until, well, not now? I did find an online grammer thing earlier today which seemed pretty cool, but I’m not sure if I should be even doing that at this point or just writing. Last Saturday I don’t even thinking I did any writing on the saturday and got all caught up on the Sunday, but we’ll see if it’s like that this weekend, or it’s different, and I can still try and keep ahead :P


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