Wanna know about the Weather and NanoWrimo Today?

Ilike maybe 15 twenty minutes ago (this being around 7:30 saturday morning) my mom was like, look out the window, and I did, and there was snow! not much but there was snow, picture will come later if it’s still there.

Oh, and since I got way ahead yesterday on my word count, I only have 958 words to do. I am so going to be ahead it might actually be funny.

So I’ll add something at the end so that all my posts won’t be about NaNoWriMo, but two days ago in the mail, I got the first issue in my subscription to Mega Man, that’s right, I subscribed to the blue bomber courtesy of Archie comics. What does everyone think of the series so far? I for one like it. the art is great, and I really like it paying homage to the old school. And they kept Rock, so that’s a good thing. The humour in it, what can I say, I think it adds to the comic, and I can’t wait for the next  issue. Though reading it, and how the first 4 issues were for the first game, I was kind of worried a little, but up to now, I’m definitely not.


2 thoughts on “Wanna know about the Weather and NanoWrimo Today?

    1. I’m enjoying the Megaman comics as well, after the first run/timeline, so at the 5th issue and I’m not sure how long it will last, but they have a new artist, so when I read #5 I was like, this looks different, but it’s still good none the less. They definitely should have had these accompany the games back in the day. They are absolutely amazing!

      and the humour, oh my, it is actually great how they have it in their and tieing in with the rest of the story :D

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