I meant to make this post yesterday, but I didn’t.

I finally finished NaNoWrimo yesterday before 3 in the afternoon(I finished with a word count of 51, 375), and I was excited. Sure, when I got up this morning I thought to myself, ‘woah, I don’t have to write anymore.”

No more time after whatever just to pound out words to reach the goal. It felt different, going back to the way things were before this past month’s activities.

Do I plan to do it next year? Of course I do.

This is my second year doing NaNoWriMo. Last y ears attempt failed miserably, and I finished the 50,000 words this August. This year though, things changed.


To those of you that accomplished the task that was set before us, I salute you. To those who didn’t finish, or who are working hastily until the midnight oil burns, I salute you as well. It’s a tough decision to commit to, you can definitely do it.


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