Back To The Books

No, I’m no talking about going back to school with this. Another title I could have used for this could have been ‘Back to The Real Books’

Because as you know (if you’ve been reading my limited number of posts on here) that I’ve been reading a lot of comic books lately, and I’m not saying that comics aren’t real books, I’m talking about book books, you know, the kind without pictures?

Since I’ve been caught up with DC Comic’s New 52, that’s what I’ve been reading. Right now, I’m all caught  up basically. So what does that mean? Well let’s just say that I have a good number of books that I have, that have not been read yet. I know their only around 25 dollars or so, but good books aren’t that cheap. I mean sure, you can find great books in bargain bins and sale sections, but then you look at the other books on the shelves, take it off the shelf to read to the description on the back, and you think it’s such an amazing book that you want to read it, and then you look down to see how much it is is, and back on the shelf it goes. There are so many books that I want to get. I’m always looking in the clearance/sale sections first, and then go towards the shelves.

So many good books, but the price. I mean if it’s really good then I mean 25 dollars doesn’t seem like a lot. I just want to get a good amount for my money, know what I mean? (Hopefully you do)

I don’t really like to buy things online (I don’t have a credit card so I’ve been using those visa gift cards, neat little things they are) but for books I’ve been using this site called which I think it’s amazing. They don’t have a super huge selection like amazon, but you can find some amazing finds, and I think the prices are great.

Yesterday, I started reading Immanuel’s Veins by Ted Dekker. I’m not on chapter 3 yet but I am really liking this since it’s just setting everything up and I can’t wait to see what will happen. Plus, it somehow connects with The Circle Series, which is crazy because he has so many books that connect with it, sometimes hard to figure things out. I’m not going to even start with that, think it deserves its on post.

To be honest, at first I was never really a fun of suspense books and that, and I believe my first book diving into books like that was Ted Dekker’s Thr3e which was a great read. Then I was also reading Frank Peretti as well. I’ve read one book by Randy Alcorn,, not in the same category, but still an amazing book.

I really like reading C.S. Lewis. The Chronicles of Narnia is one of my favourite series, with the Circle Series in the same group. I happened to have gotten a copy of The Screwtape Letters for free when I was away at college and the library at the school had a table with free books. it was Lewis. It was free so I took it. So amazing. More about books later, I honestly do want to get of here and continue reading.


You can breathe now, it’s only a comic book

If you’re like me, your reading DC Comics New 52. I’m purchasing 21 out of the 52 titles (I’ll explain all of that another time.

I don’t have a comic shop anywhere close to where I am (I think the closest one is maybe 3 2-3 hours away?) Anyways, I just kinda finished getting caught up, and started reading #5’s today. Ever Since it came out back in January my brother kept telling me, you need to read Batman #5, and I’m like ok, I’ll read it.

I just finished the book like maybe 10 minutes ago. and I think I finally calmed my nerves down. Try and not give much away since if someone’s reading this, but they haven’t read #5, don’t want to spoil it for them. It was crazy, it was such an amazing book. The art was amazing, writing was amazing. The whole thing was just simply beautiful, and very intense.

Everyone that’s into Batman should read this, but maybe the first 4 books that come before it would help to. I mean, I’m liking what I’m reading – Flash, Green Lantern, etc, but then when it comes to Batman, it’s been amazing, but honestly, I’m not even sure if I can describe #5 (though  I think I might already have) twists and turns, and I was like wha.. and well I’ll just tell you my dropped reading it.