Books = Imagination

We all know that the title is just plan and simple and easy to get, books are imaginative. They take you to places that you might not get to go to, or in some cases, places and times and worlds that don’t even exist (or had exist).

You start reading whatever book that it is your reading and suddenly your immersed in a world full of pirates, or up in space trying to save the galaxy from destruction, etc. There’s just so many places where could be when you read a book. If you get into it, like really get into the book that you’re reading, you feel like your part of that book, in the same world as the characters of the book, right alongside with them. One of my favourite books are The Chronicles of Narnia series by C.S. Lewis. I mean, one moment your in this beautiful old house full of history, and next moment, you see this wardrobe, in an empty room, but you step into it, and getting past all of the winter coats and that you find yourself in this whole other world with talking animals, and Lions, and a legend that you’re part of that you don’t even realize. and that’s only one book! (or even if your in stores with your brother and sister, and seeing a wardrobe and wanting to go to Narnia.)

There’s adventure in any book that you read, and I love to read. You get sucked into reading a good book, and next thing you know a few hours have gone by. I don’t know if everyone else has done it, but even giving different voices in your mind to all of the characters in the book so they don’t sound the same, and it just gives a book a whole other level. It just makes a ooh, I find, that much more enjoyable.

Even comics books (if you’ve been following along with this blog, hopefully you have) fall into this category. Whatever it is, I use different voices for the different characters and it makes things that much better, more enjoyable.

It doesn’t matter whatever you read, have some fun and who knows what  you’ll find.


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