Catching up!

Seriously! I still have like some number 5’s to finish ad then working on #6 issues of DC Comics NEW 52!! wooo *insert cheering or fanfare or whatever happy thing you want to put here* I haven’t caught up with each of the books that I’m getting, but surely enough this will happen.

It’s March Break, I went with my Parents to visit my sister who is away at school, and what did I bring with me for reading material? Immanuel’s Veins by Ted Dekker and All Star Western #2-6 (which I finished the other story in #6 earlier tonight, totally caught up with that book) I’ve really liked All Star Western since the beginning. The art is fantastic, giving a little more of the western feel that it’s set in. Character I really like, you can see what’s being progressed with of them in each book. Did I mention it’s also getting crazier with each book? I mean, I don’t want to give any surprises away from #6 if you haven’t read it, but it is a goodie. (I also early liked the back story, and then in #4 I kinda freaked out that it was something else, but I really liked that one as well.)

I just finished Captain Atom #5 (currently working on #6) but with #5 I’m thinking, woah, there’s going to be a big fight or something, and at the end, pow, you get hit with an ending that is so great, it makes you wonder “How is that even possible?” :P (If you know what I mean, I hope it’s explained n later issues or #6 and if it isn’t, you know, let me know?

Speaking of Captain Atom, I think it’s one of my favourite, favourites (along with the Flash, but that’ll be talked about in a later blog or something) books of the new 52. I love the story, the character, the style of art is freaking amazing (same way I describe the art for Flash) and I’ll say that Captain Atom #2 is my favourite issue so far of the book.

Now I’ve caught up on Superboy, Action Comics, and Justice League International as well. JLI is turning out to be something  great, and I’m excited to see what’s going to be happening with that. Their turning into more of a team, and Booster’s looking to be like a great leader. Action comics is simply just a great book, and I like the side story in it (what’s the actual name for the story at the end? not a back book, just not sure what it’s actually called. Mini story?)
Superboy is a fun book. I like the art style, not so serious look to it, but not too cartoony., and I mean Superboy’s growing up, learning so many things>


Not sure what the next book I’ll be catching up on, but I’ll definitely be letting all of you know about it!


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