No, I’m definitely not talking about that canned meat, I’m never had it, and I certainly never want to try it. Besides, I’ve seen people use it as a table cleaner or something like that on tv.

No, this is about the kind of spam that we get online. No nutritional value, just as dumb though. I checked my WordPress account this morning, and I had 5 spam comments, which I got rid of. It’s the most I think I’ve gotten so far, so should I say I’m getting spam famous? :P

I kind of laughed, one of the comments that I deleted was about not using bold and italics enough and to watch a 4 minute video, yeah, like I’m going to be doing that (there’s bold for you :P)

So my question today, does everyone out there get a lot of spam comments they have to delete? Or are some actually legitimate that somehow they get placed in there?


2 thoughts on “Spam!

  1. I’ve had my blog for years and I think in all that time (over a thousand spam comments) I only had 1 semi-legitimate one that got tossed into the spam filter due to more than 1 link. The rest were, as the filter marked them, spam.

    Enjoy blogging at wordpress, and yes, their filters are quite good. :)

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