Let’s talk smart here

well more specifically, about Hydro One’s  Smart Meters. I’ve been meaning to do a post about this for a while now, it’s what made me wanted to start one of these blogs, but I hadn’t even bothered about doing it until my mom wanted to know what the high times for the hydro were sine we kept that sheet on the fridge and it’s disappeared.

First off, I’m not the home owner of the house. My parents are. Even googling this topic brought topics about how people didn’t like them because of their Bills went up. Well, this involve’s Hydro One’s Smart Meter, but it has nothing to do with the bills.

Before we even got ours put in, there was something that came around in the mail about how they would be installing one soon, and someone would come to your door to tell you that they would be installing it and to turn off any computers or so.

I was on my laptop (Apple ibook) my dad was upstairs on his laptop) and everything seemed to be going fine for the day. Until the power went out once and my laptop freaked out on me and turned itself off, so I turned it back on and it happened a couple more times, so I went upstairs to see if my dad knew what was going on or just to say the powers out  because up here (NOrthern Ontario) It happened that year quite a bit.

Turns out my dad had gone outside and found out someone was installing the smart meter outside of the house, and failing to tell us that they had even come to install the smart meter.

After  bringing my laptop into a few of the computer shops around here and one up in Timmins, my computer was basically fried. And after even communicating with Hydro one, they basically said you should’ve used a power bar, and they just stood by that, and it went on for a couple of months. But what frustrated me was that there was the paper that came in the mail informing that they would tell us before installing the smart meter. That never happened. The guy came to install it, my dad went outside to talk to him and I guess the guy left when we has finished because he never came to the door and none of us (My mom was home too) heard a door bell or a knock. It took me several years to save up for a new computer (Apple iMac refurbished, the one I’m currently using right now)

I’m sorry, I’m just venting, I’ve wanted to do this for a while and  don’t mean to offend anyone, or Hydro One, I guess I’m still kinda frustrated about this even though it’s been so many years.

Edit – Companies need to accept what they’ve done, and not try and hide.(And when they say their going to tell you that their doing something, then they should tell you). I had to buy a whole new computer, after waiting a few years.