I am Second Book Review

Salvation stories of notable and everyday people inspire a revolution of “seconds” and create more radically obedient followers of Christ.

Across the United States and the world, hundreds of thousands of people are proclaiming a new anthem: “I Am Second.” They have come alive to the truth that God has a plan for this world and his glory, a plan that includes allowing everyone who has faith in Jesus to enter a loving relationship with the God of the universe. In I Am Second, readers encounter story after story of notable people throughout culture who have had a radical, life-changing encounter with Jesus Christ.

Each story in this powerful book is raw and real, dealing with the darkest moments of the human experience. Drugs, addictions, depression, infidelity, pride, abortion, cancer, pornography, marriage, divorce, war—each story shows the redemptive power of the gospel to rescue us in the greatest depths of our human need, even in the secret areas of our lives. Alongside each story, readers are given study group questions and an offer to view related testimonies to find the freedom Christ offers.

(The above description is from Barnes and Noble.)

I like to read as you might have noticed.

Other than all the fiction I’ve read, I like true live stories. The stories of people and what’s happened in their lives, Events that have taken place.

As soon as I read the description for this book, I knew it was a must read for me.

This book is full of stories ranging from every subject, as you read in  the description above, stories, from people across the globe, about how some of them were at the deepest part of their lives, and they realized they needed something. They needed Jesus to do a complete 180 of their life and they were changed. We all need Jesus in our lives, because we’re missing something, we’ve messed up, or we try to fill our lives with worldly things, and it still doesn’t seem like it’s enough, because there’s still something missing.

People can completely connect with true stories. They could be thinking, “I’m the only going through this,” and then they could read this book and even one of the stories they could start to think “That’s exactly what I’m going  through.” Because people can relate to true life stories because it hits home for everyone.

Even the title of the book, I Am Second, it’s a call to action for people to put God first. To put others first before themselves as Jesus did. For us to be second.

If we did that, then how different would this world be? How changed/transformed would everything be if we put this into practice?

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The Way NLT Bible Review

Today’s 16–30 year olds are looking for connection to something bigger than themselves. They want something that works and is honest, authentic. Something that they can actually experience. Something that gives them hope. The Way offers a way that works. A way that matters. A way that asks them to step up to something important enough—big enough—to live for. It’s a visual, textual, and interactive experience for a generation that has blurred the boundaries of media. It’s an interactive experience for those ready for collaboration, change, and a challenge. The Way connects a restless generation, a generation looking for direction, to Jesus—the Way, the Truth, and the Life. It uses first-person stories, reflections, and questions that bring the Bible to the real world.”

That’s the description that’s used for the Way on Amazon. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this. It’s a little bit modernized which will get more people connected because it’s something that can be understood easily by them, say, if they have problems reading other versions. Even the stark black and white photograph of the front couch on the cover, other than myself personally liking black and white photography, the couch, or sofa as some might prefer to call it, provides rest and relaxation. Something that fits into the bible perfectly.

Seeing even the qr code on the cover, gets the kids to interact more with it. I myself don’t have a cellphone ,but it does provide the website which I’m guessing is the same information as the qr code. If I did have a cell phone, I would definitely be using it, another way to get the generation to become more interactive with the bible, and even start to engage with the words that are written it in.

Even reading the first-person stories, brings it close to home, for anyone. They could say, “Hey, that’s like me.” and they might get more hope out of it because they can connect with things a lot more easily. I really enjoyed them and they encouraged me, even everything else that was written to help us out by engaging the word more and living our life for Jesus.

We all want to live our life for Jesus a lot more. With the translation and everything else that’s included. This makes such a great bible to have in anyone’s possession. Even though it’s heard toward teens and young adults, I think  anyone of any ages will get something out of it, hopefully a lot of somethings.

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My Store is Open for Business!

I’m a day behind, I actually  finally got it open yesterday, but only writing about it now. For anyone that reads  this blog will know that I had set up an etsy account, but I never actually opened the store yet on that site.

A friend of mine told me about a site like that he uses for his Hardcore Luchador Products (I’ll explain that another time) called Storenvy. Now, I can’t remember if I heard about it before or not, but the site is basically like Etsy, though there’s one big difference. The no fees for posting items and no monthly fees that you have to pay, which is super cool indeed, and I know with Etsy you have to pay fees for the products you list Etc. (So I’m still deciding if I want to still open my store on there.)

Anyways, all I have right now in the store is some of my photography, but in the future I’m hoping to add more, and different than photography items.


My Store: http://afellowcanuck.storenvy.com


Any readers out there have a store on Storenvy?

Unstuck Book Review

Back to the Bible Leaders Show Readers How to Cultivate a Thriving Walk with Christ When asked about their relationship with God, many believers say the Christian life “isn”t working” or that they want “more than an okay walk.” After conducting extensive survey research on what it takes to grow spiritually, Back to the Bible leaders Cole and Ross offer solid evidence for the power of Bible engagement. But more than statistics, Unstuck gives readers a practical and proven way to encounter Scripture daily, connect with God, and revitalize an otherwise listless faith. This book is part of a strategic ministry plan developed by Back to the Bible, which has been on the air for more than 70 years. Through multimedia products and services, the ministry is walking alongside individuals and churches, helping Christ-followers tap into and live out God”s Word.

Sometimes in life, we all feel stuck in our Christian life. Probably even the best Christ-follwer has their days.  We try to live our lives the way Christ wants us to, but some days,  we might just fail at that. We get Stuck.

Unstuck shows us how to live our lives the Way God wants us to by getting past the stuck moment and getting unstuck whatever was holding our lives down and truly living life that way God intended us to live it. The book has  Honest stories, and real-life examples (taken from the back cover) and honestly I think a lot of people like reading true stories because it’s something they can relate to, and they could take a lot more from it.

Arnie Cole and Michael Ross, the authors of this book, truly put into perspective, the way we need to live our lives for Jesus Christ and not live them for ourselves, our pleasures, our wants. We need to be real with God and we need to be real with ourselves to truly live the way that God wants each and every one of us to live. We need to get into HIS word daily. This book helps us do that if we’re ever feeling stuck.

It’s such an excellent book! I think everyone should read this book. If you’ve been a Christian for many years, or your whole life, to even someone that’s only been a Christian for a few months or a few years, this book is definitely a resource any of us can use to help us have a better relationship with our Creator. We need to stop going through the motions (also taken from the back cover) and get into God’s word, which is what we all should be doing anyways, and God will reveal his life that he has for us. Getting Unstuck might even show us that God wants to do more in our lives than anything that we could have possibly imagined or even dreamed about.

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So, I’m Fasting – Day 5 and 6

I know I’m a day or two behind, but it’s not because I’ve been lazy, which some people might think :P

I’m still not feeling well. It just started from sneezing monday, 3 and a half days later I still feel tired in the head. I thought it was because it’s only 9:47 in the morning as I right this, and I do still feel like I’m waking up I guess, (I’ve been up since seven) but then I also feel tired in the head, if anyone knows what I’m talking about. The last two nights, I haven’t even bothered to turn on my computer again, just to type this (Usually I do.)

I mean, I have more energy than I did yesterday and Tuesday, but I still don’t feel back to the 100 % that I was.

I’m doing fine with the fast. last night I spent an hour or so watching the Food Network (Eat St. to be exact) and sometimes I was like, “That looks so good,” but my stomach really wasn’t growling at all, the last time I think it did that was maybe Monday? iI can’t remember, maybe it was Sunday, who knows. My mom and I are still rationing (quarter cup of beans and maybe a cup of rice) because that’s the rations they get so if we’re on a bean and rice fast, why would we want to give ourselves more?

I haven’t read at all today

It’s crazy, I know, but I haven’t.

Yesterday, Late afternoon I think, I started sneezing. I don’t know why, I was fine all day and then it just hits me. Plus, I couldn’t remember when I took an allergy tablet on Sunday, so I didn’t take one until 9:30 last night, and this morning my head felt tired and everything, and it still does feel like and I think I’ve lost all my energy or something, and that I want to sleep. I’m tired.


I still have about 16 or comics to read to before the end of the month and I can order #10’s and everything else