So, I’m Fasting – Day 3

So this is a day late. I was tired last night, and I didn’t feel like turning my computer back on.

Yesterday I was ok, but it started to get to me – just eating the rice and beans. Like being hungry and that. Other than that I was pretty much fine. I think maybe because we’re using the brown rice instead of just the plain white rice helps too. My mom cooked some more rice since we basically ran out of it. We did have some left over from the original batch but more was made. My sister is doing it for one meal of the day, so it lasted all day friday, breakfast on Saturday, and breakfast and lunch today. So about 13 servings of rice from the first batch which was pretty good, and I even put some soya sauce on it (not going to do that all of the time since they can’t do it all the time either.)

Has anyone else out there done anything like this before?

Note – I know it’s Monday, but I’ve written this post like it was still Sunday, when I should have written it. Maybe I should write them earlier in the day, who knows


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