So, I’m fasting – Day 4

Today felt better than yesterday.

My stomach didn’t feel as hungry as sometimes like it did yesterday, yet, I ate basically the same amount of rice and beans. So I don’t get it. I don’t mind having rice and beans everyday, and today, I even had a cup of tea (President’s Choice Chocolate Mint tea to be exact) since for no reason, I’ve been sneezing for like the past couple of hours. I was totally fine and than it hit me all of a sudden. I think the tea did help a little with the sneezing and that.

I think it was on friday when my mom was soaking the beans (We’ve been having the dry kidney beans but soaking them before cooking, so they aren’t really all that dry) and I could not believe how much that bag of beans grew. I was like, “All those beans came ou of that bag?”

I also got my copy of Avenging Spider-Man #3 in the mail today. I haven’t read it yet Since I’ve been reading Unstuck, few pages into chapter 2 already


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