My Store is Open for Business!

I’m a day behind, I actually  finally got it open yesterday, but only writing about it now. For anyone that reads  this blog will know that I had set up an etsy account, but I never actually opened the store yet on that site.

A friend of mine told me about a site like that he uses for his Hardcore Luchador Products (I’ll explain that another time) called Storenvy. Now, I can’t remember if I heard about it before or not, but the site is basically like Etsy, though there’s one big difference. The no fees for posting items and no monthly fees that you have to pay, which is super cool indeed, and I know with Etsy you have to pay fees for the products you list Etc. (So I’m still deciding if I want to still open my store on there.)

Anyways, all I have right now in the store is some of my photography, but in the future I’m hoping to add more, and different than photography items.


My Store:


Any readers out there have a store on Storenvy?


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