Chapter 2!

(I’m only posting the first two chapters, so yes, you can say I’m leaking them over the interwebs *Gasp*)


Chapter Two

A Grand Adventure



Everyone’s frozen in motion as they hear the faint click sound that was coming from the desk. Jack and Jane both turned around just as they had gotten to the door. Sam stayed exactly where he was, his hand still in the exact same spot.

A secret compartment that was hidden on the underside of the top revealed itself. Sam became thrilled. “I knew it!” He put his hand inside the not so secret compartment trying to feel around to see if anything was in there,

His mom was worried. “Be careful Sam, who knows what’s inside there.”

Of course I’m careful mom, like anything’s going to hap-”

He let out loud noise which startled both of his parents. “Are you ok?” His father was startled. None of them knew what was inside this secret drawer.

Sam was laughing as he pulled out a very crumpled folded piece of paper. “I’m sorry, but I had to. I definitely won’t do it again after today, not into scaring anyone, especially the both of you.”

You better not.” Jane gave him a look.

Jack knew Sam might pull something like that, so he was ready for it. Just like Sam, his father was interested about what was on that folded piece of paper Sam was holding in his hand. “I wonder what’s on the paper. It looks quite old.”

Sam got exciting, his mind now back on the piece of paper. His parents gathered back around the desk as Sam unfolded the paper and laid it out as flat as he could on the desk. Other than the crumpled paper, it also seem very dirty with tears all over it.

Right in the middle of it, in thick black letters were the numbers –



I don’t get it.” Jane said as she just looked at it, trying to figure out.

Sam’s face seemed like it almost lit up after a few minutes. “It’s a puzzle!” But to what, he couldn’t figure it out, as could his parents. “The mystery is to what though.”

Don’t stay up to late thinking about it Sam.” His father said as his parents left the room. They could hear him say ‘I won’t’ as they walked up the stairs.

It was already 10:30 at night. Even though it was summer, he didn’t want to stay up too late. He wanted a good start tomorrow so he could finish making his movie. After supper his brother Bobby was at Jake’s house. And when he got home he went right to bed since he was so tired.

Which meant quite for Sam to concentrate. He sat in the chair just staring at the four numbers and he was trying to figure out what they meant.

Going through every possible thing in his mind, he couldn’t figure anything out. Even when he thought he had he had a great answer but thinking it through revealed that it wasn’t so great after all. He went to bed an hour later, he couldn’t figure anything out that what help him. Sam thought he should get some rest and then tackle this thing tomorrow with a fresh mindset.

He rested his head against the pillow and closed his eyes.


He sat up in bed feeling almost wide awake because a lightbulb went off inside his head.

Sam Wilson had an idea. Even though last night he though he had great ideas, he thought this would be the greatest idea of them all.

Even though it was only two o’clock in the morning and the sun was still over in the other part of the world, Sam knew the idea couldn’t wait until he went back to bed and got up around nine, he didn’t want to forget it.

No one else is up, so I have to be quiet. Like a mouse, no wait, quiet like a ninja.

His thoughts were becoming a little loopy at this hour, but he had to stay focus. Check on his lightbulb moment and then right back to bed, he was going to have a busy day tomorrow, actually today, in a couple of hours.

Pulling the small cord attached to the desk lamp, it brought a small yellow glow that basically illuminated the whole room.

He kept a city map in his room that his father gave him years ago, to help him discover the city and everything that was in it. Jack didn’t want Sam to be stuck in the same small area every day.

He wish he could have his new oak desk up in his room, but it is extremely heavy and couldn’t fit going up the stairs, but he still likes the desk that he has up in his room.

Unfolding the large map on the grey coloured desk and seeing the marks on it that he and his father made over the years, he places the unfolded but still crumpled paper from the hidden compartment of the oak desk on the map.

He had figured out almost every possible idea except what he was doing right now. Sam had wondered if they were map coordinates or longitude and latitude. It was worth a shot. On the map that he had laid out before him letters appeared on the top and left side of the map, numbers were bottom and right side.

Usually he was concerned with both letters and numbers, right now he was just focusing on the numbers. Looking along the right hand side he didn’t find the number 26 but he found the number 41. Along the bottom he found 26 so it was a game of connect the dots but with lines. When the two lines connected they came to an area halfway across the city. He thought he remembered the area when he was there with his father last summer, but he could be wrong.

Whatever the case was, tomorrow would be a very interesting day.


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