An Invisible Thread Book Review

An Invisible Thread by Laura Schroff and Alex Tresniowski

“She was a successful ad sales rep in Manhattan. He was a homeless, eleven-year-old panhandler on the street. He asked for spare change; she kept walking. But then something stopped her in her tracks, and she went back. And she continued to go back, again and again. They met up nearly every week for years and built an unexpected, life-changing friendship that has today spanned almost three decades.” (Taken from The Description on

What would happen if you had an invisible Thread? Maybe you already have something like this and don’t even know it. An unlikely meeting one day that’s lasted for years and years. That’s the case of this book. Two unlikely people from different worlds that it seems like ,that create a friendship when they weren’t even expecting it.

We’ve all had friendships before, but have we had true friendships? The kind that each of you will be there through thick and thin and can talk about anything and the other person will be there? Sure, there’s always rough patches, we aren’t perfect. But True friends work things out, and whatever the circumstances may be, they stay friends whatever happens.


When I finished this book, I was truly captivated. This book seems like it has a lot of things in it things that we go through in our daily lives – frustrations, problems, you name it. This book has made me realized that things I might turn away from looking at, maybe I should turn away. Because you never know what may happen. It moved me to tears. I just want to reexamine my life now and maybe change the way I do somethings. This is One book that I think Everyone needs to read. And when I say everyone, I mean everyone. With more added.

This Books was provided by Howard Books for Review purposes.



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