And Now for something not so completely different

For the last little while, all I’ve really been posting are book reviews. Now you people on the internet might really like them, but your probably also asking, Dear John, where’s everything else?

I kind of gotten lazy about posting things, but not anymore!

Remember when I posted the first two chapters of a book that I wrote? Did anyone read it? Does anyone have any questions or comments or concerns or anything else that I think I should add to it?

Guess what? I’m on Chapter 5! It’s taken me this long but I finally got past chapter 4 and started working on a new chapter.

And I’ll answer a question some people might be asking, No I won’t be putting up anymore Chapters (sorry people) but I’m actually looking to distribute it through ebook, actual book, like that.


Who knows, maybe I’ll give out a free copy when I’m done before I do al of this


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