As I See It By Tom Sullivan Book Review

” Bestselling author Tom Sullivan explores life without sight and finds it rich and rewarding. In fact, he’s gleaned a number of gifts from his “affliction,” including:
• I’ve never assessed my relationship with people according to the limits of labels or assumption.
• I’ve enjoyed a world of senses available to all of us but almost never explored by the majority of those with sight.
Through insightful stories and emotive writing, Tom describes a life of fullness, not lack, as he’s made blindness a positive. For Tom Sullivan-author, actor, athlete, singer, entertainer, and producer-a life with blindness has been a life with very few true limits. In this elegant exploration of the senses, he considers the different challenges he’s faced and explains the wonder he carries because, not in spite, of his blindness.” (Description from edited due to space)
Have you ever closed your eyes and just listened? I mean, just listened to something without seeing it? I have, and it definitely brings a new experience to your life. Without seeing things and just listening to the sounds, it brings a richness to things that may not be there when you see things as well.
So I was excited when I got this book in the mail, because I didn’t know the dots on the cover were actually braille, so I showed my mom, and  she thought it was really cool too. She used to work at a school for the blind (that’s how my parents met if I remember the story right)and she’s heard about Tom Sullivan. (She’s now the Special Education Teacher at the high school in town, so I was telling her about some of the things in the book, because she absolutely relates to them.
I was honestly blown away by everything that Tom has done in his life. I remember hearing or reading something a years ago that said “A disability is just only a different ability.”
It was something along the lines of that, but I think it’s true, everyone has countless abilities, some might have or do their abilities in a different way than you and I and I honestly think we need to change our whole attitude about life.
We see someone disabled, and we probably start getting thoughts in our head, but you know what? they can do everything we can.look at the olympics in London – A Korean archer whose blind, track athlete who has no legs and a table tennis player with only one arm, and that wasn’t even in the Paralympics! It just blew my mind watching it, the determination that they have is just the same as anyone else that was out there.
Never say that someone can’t do something, because you know, that person might totally blow you away at what they can do in life, especially in the case of this book. Tom Sullivan blew my mind away with everything that he’s done and the life that he has lived, because wow, it’s something amazing.
So if you want a book that will truly amaze you, inspire you to a whole new level of living, then get this book, read this book, and maybe let someone else read this book, or just tell them how amazing it is and they’ll get their own copy, and it’ll be a domino effect. People will be buying their own copies and sharing it with all of their friends and so on, because with this book you’ll have a whole new way of living.This book has been provided for review purposes courtesy of Howard Books


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