Jesus: Pure and Simple By Wayne Cordeiro




“Large Church Pastor and Bestselling Author Offers Keys to a God-Centered Life

After several bestselling books and more than 25 years of ministry in Hawaii, Wayne Cordeiro knows how to touch the hearts of Christians. Too often people can get distracted by various programs and unimportant details of the faith, but in this book Wayne places the focus directly on drawing near to Jesus. And from that core focus, all other aspects of life will fall into place.

Filled with encouragement, stories, and practical guidelines, this book will help believers simplify their walks with the Lord a welcome message for readers looking for simplicity and peace in their anxious, overscheduled lives. Includes a built-in study guide for individuals and small groups (Description taken from

With a raise of hands, how any of us want to live simpler lives? OK, so I can’t see the number of hands that was hands, but I’m going to take a quick guess that it was a lot of you. I think we want to live simpler lives because we get so busy with everything that’s happening with us in the world. Work, school, jobs, etc., the list goes on with things we have in our lives that make it so busy. Maybe it’s time we take a moment and stop to smell the roses as the saying goes and just simplify our lives.

Pastor Wayne Cordeiro teaches us in this book through all kinds of examples and just knowledge how we can simplify our lives as CHristians so it doesn’t seem like we’re going going going every day all the time.

It’s like that title of the book – Jesus:Pure and Simple. We tend to make things seem a lot more difficult than they actually are. It’s like the scene in Blindside where Michael sees the picture of everyone eating at the table, and at thanksgiving everyone rushes to the tv to watch football, but where’s Michael in all of it? at the dinner table. We make the simplest things not so simple. It’s time that ┬ásomething changes.

We need to get back to the simplicity of things, and if that’s something that you want to do, I would encourage you to read this book.


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