Should we still follow the yellow brick road?

We’ve all seen and fallen in love with the classic movie Wizard of Oz with Judy Garland, some have probably seen it way too many times and probably know  the movie line by line by heart. (Ok, know that would be some impressive skill right there) It’s a great movie that everyone loves.

Fast forward several decades to 2013, and I see this trailer for a new Disney Movie called Oz: The great and powerful. I think I saw something about it even before I saw the trailer for it. I’ve seen it multiple times along with my parents, and I kind of agree with my mom’s thinking about this.

Does Disney care about family movies anymore? or kids? or just adults?

James Franco might do a magnificent job in it, along with the actors.

But after seeing the trailer, even for the first time, one comment was agreed upon.

As much as I really like Disney a lot,

That looks like a really scary movie.


2 thoughts on “Should we still follow the yellow brick road?

    1. That’s pretty cool! I might know bits and pieces here and there but that’s it. I mean, Wizard of Oz is such an amazing movie.

      This movie looks absolutely almost terrifying.
      I’m still a disney fan/animated movie fan, but the whole disney thing that’s a whole post in itself

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