Blood And Bone By Don Hoesel Book Review


More Archaeological Adventures from Popular Suspense Writer Don Hoesel
A decade after¬†Serpent of Moses, Jack is married to Espy and back teaching at Evanston University. They have two sons, one of whom has cystic fibrosis. Despite this challenge, life is comfortable. But that all changes when the CIA, while combing through the papers of the late Gordon Reese, uncovers the secret of Elisha”s bones. Jack”s world is then turned upside down by an urgent call from his old friend Duckey, who”s been alerted to the CIA”s probing by one of his former contacts. Jack and his family escape from their home just ahead of the CIA, and he decides to do what he should have done long ago: recover the bones and destroy them. Except the bones aren”t where he left them.
So now Jack is in a race, for the last time, to find the bones. And he”s not the only one. Pitted against both the CIA and an organization that will kill to protect their secrets, Jack and Espy follow hard-to-decipher clues across the globe before arriving in the catacombs of Paris for a final showdown that will either save their family–or tear apart everything they hold dear forever. (Taken from

Blood and Bones is the third book in the Jack Hawthorne series, but you could also say it’s the sequel to Elisha’s Bones. I’ll be honest, I haven’t read Elisha’s Bones yet, (Shame on me) so some of the things, I would need to read Elisha’s Bones to fully grasp some things.
But what I can tell you, it is definitely a page turner. I read the previous book, Serpent of Moses, and found it to be quite thrilling, a la Indiana Jones and was absolutely excited about this. Time definitely went into research for this, the names of places, the details.

It’s chalk full of action, suspense, and thrilling archaeological thrills. I wasn’t aware of the time between serpent of Moses and This book, but Don wrote ¬†something simply amazing, realizing what would happen after ten years.

I’m not sure why a decade long gap was written in, but it still makes for a fantastic read, how the characters react with the aging. Honestly, if you’re looking for a good action book, or if you’re an Indiana Jones/archaeology fan, this is a brilliant read. I mean, I would rather read this book than watch a certain newer movie in a certain series.

The only thing I can find fault in it, is that since this is a Christian book, there could be more if that theme in it? But What is in the book of that theme, it’s Honestly absolutely well done.

Who knows if we’ll get to read more about Jack in the future.


Don Hoesel was born and raised in Buffalo, NY but calls Spring Hill, TN home.

He works in the Communications Department for a Medicare carrier and hopes to one day sell enough books to just say that he’s a writer. You can help with that by buying whatever his newest novel happens to be. you can find out more about the author at Http://
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