The Message//REMIX – Eugene H. Peterson Review

If you’re looking at the title, and thinking, is he reviewing the bible? and then you look down at the picture, and say to yourself, “Yep, he’s reviewing the bible.”
And then you think to yourself, “How does he review the Bible? I mean, it’s the BIBLE.”
Well everyone, I did review the Bible, The Message Bible. (I threw in a pun there if you got it.)

Can I say that I really like The Message Bible? Comparing different portions of scripture in  this with the ESV (English Standard Version), I really like how they have things in The Message Bible.

Making it more understandable for Modern Times, People will have an easier time reading this compared to if they don’t quite understand, let’s say, the King James Version. And if more people have an easy time reading this version of God’s Word, who knows what will happen?

One thing I really like about this is that everything’s just one column, instead of two or three. I like to read books, a lot of books as you might say. (If i wrote a review for every book I’ve read, it will take me quite a while) It looks and f eels with the one column of text, like a fiction or non fiction book, and that’s something else that might draw people towards reading this.

Another aspect I like about this, is that they have certain verses grouped together, and along the side they have V31-35, so it’s not every verse has the number beside it, also kind of making it easier to read, but maybe not, like taking it to a bible study or home group and trying to find the specific verse, but it shouldn’t be a problem with that. It is an absolutely great Bible, though as it’s just paraphrasing as one of my pastor’s has said (I’m  not sure if that’s the exact certain word or not) that if you want to actually dig deep and really study the Word of God, this might not be the version for doing that.

Overall, I definitely recommend this version to anyone.
Book has been provided courtesy of  Graf-Martin Communications, Inc.