Dear Ontario Northland,

I’m not sure what to say or how to even start this, and I must say that I’m not even sure what to think about the events of today. I found out about all of this going to work this morning with my dad (Since we both work at the same place I can get rides) and we were listening to CBC Sudbury’s Morning North with Markus Schwabe program when it was announced. I’m still frustrated about this. You say you want to cut costs? You’ve taken out the passenger train, and now you’re cutting the stations in Englehart and Matheson so you can streamline services? Like that’s going to happen.

So this is my open letter to Ontario Northland.

You know how much your going to lower ridership? Do you know how many people don’t have vehicles of their own or are senior citizens? Or the people that rely on taking the bus so that they can actually get to work even though they’ll still be early since it’s the only way for them to get to New Liskeard. So what are they supposed to do? Change their schedule because they don’t have a way to work in the afternoons? Where are they going to get bus tickets now and where’s it going to stop?

If you haven’t realized, This is me that I’m talking about. I live in Englehart. I work at Walmart, and now with these changes I might have to change my schedule because there might not be a way to get into work in the afternoons anymore. I’ll be going to the bus station this afternoon to try and figure things out a little better.

I know it’s not until May for this to take into effect, but if things happen the way that they might, I know my schedule a couple weeks in advance, so I really need to know what’s going on so I don’t have to keep calling in because there is no way that I can make it in the afternoons.

And even looking at places in New Liskeard to rent to try and be closer to work, I can’t afford any of them.

I know I’ve been talking about myself here but how many others are like me that rely on the train to get to work, to get to doctor and Hospital appointments, etc. You’ve taken the trains away and now the busses. Do you want people to move out of Northern Ontario or to stay?

And if it stops still, it might be where? Coffee Time? And how are we supposed to buy our tickets? Not everyone has access to the internet and printer to purchase them online, and what I really like is buying the multipack of ticks since I work at walmart, but you can’t do that online.

John Vanthof, MPP for Temiskaming Cochrane, put out a post that explained it nicely:

“The announced closure of bus stations in Englehart and Matheson and reduced hours in other areas does not seem like the “enhanced” bus service that the North was promised when the Liberal government cancelled the Northlander.

At an ONTC presentation in Cochrane, it was made clear that the bus service was not going to be subsidized by the government. It would have to stand on its own. The recently announced cuts are a direct result of this policy. The problem is that making it more difficult to access the bus will decrease ridership making it even harder for the passenger service to break even.

The real problem is that public transportation in other parts of the province needs to be and is subsidized by the province. How long would the GO service in the GTA survive with no direct funding from the province. I support funding for the GO system but I believe that the ONTC passenger division should be afforded the same treatment.

I fully realize that the ONTC needs to be as efficient as possible but Northerners are justifiably concerned since in the past this quest has been a screen for death by a thousand cuts.”

So Thanks Toronto, the GO services still get funded, and whatever else, and we get left high and dry.

And yet, the Liberal’s can still get away with gas plants and wasting a whole lot of money.

Why can’t Northern Ontario be Treated the same way as Southern Ontario?



Seriously, again?

I’m watching Global News(Toronto) and they just showed the story about the man that died after being out in the cold for so long, lying with his wheelchair beside him and the last thing anyone really knows was that he got dropped off by a taxi. Doesn’t this sound familiar? Oh wait, the same thing has happened before.

What happened that the taxi driver couldn’t wait a few extra minutes to see that he got in safe or maybe actually have helped him up to the house himself? What’s wrong with some people?

The Dropbox Movie Review

First off, I just want to say thank you to Focus On The Family for putting out a documentary like this.
It is truly awe inspiring to see something like this, and maybe because we’re in North America, we don’t know how huge of a problem this really was, at least I didn’t know. Seeing this though, definitely opened my eyes to the problem that we face in the world today.
Even before seeing this movie, I thought that it might have been just about what was happening in South Korea, but boy, I was definitely wrong about that, seeing it happen in Europe and the rest of the world. It just tears my heart to see what is going on.
I can see what they are saying on both sides of the fence regarding this topic that was talked about in this film. What this movie is about is Love. What Pastor Lee Jong-rak is doing reminds me that there are actually some good people in this world with a great heart. No one wants to see anyone abandoned and left alone on the streets, but there is some great comfort in the mission that is taking place, and at the end, seeing some of the kids and how they are now!
It’s both sad and joyful at the same time. Sad that people would feel the need to leave their children, because of all the pressures of family members, peers, etc. over there and what would happen if things were found out about, and also so wonderfully and absolutely joyful at what Pastor Lee Jong-rak is doing, it’s remarkable and so beautiful, seeing all of the children. It’s family, and especially what one of the children was saying in the movie definitely touched my heart, this whole documentary did.
This was an excellent film, everything was put together so well, from the camera people going into all of the locations, to everyone who was being filmed for the interview segments, truly wonderful. I don’t know how anyone could see this movie and not be touched by it. Even the animation that was used, was incredibly, the design of it definitely suited the movie and flowed with it.

The one bible verse that came to my mind regarding this documentary was James 4:27 – Religion that is pure and undefiled before God, the Father, is this: to visit orphans and widows in their affliction, and to keep oneself unstained from the world.

This whole movie definitely had the theme of love, and honestly I could probably say a whole lot more about this, but I’m just not sure how to put everything that I’m thinking about into words, but I’ll leave everyone with part of the description from the film’s website – “But it’s also a story of hope. And a celebration of the reality that every human life is sacred, has a purpose and is worthy of love.”

“They’re not the unnecessary ones in the world.
God sent them here for a purpose.”
– Pastor Lee Jong-rak