An Open Letter to Hipstreet and Microsoft

Well, this is more specifically towards Hipstreet, but I thought that there was a possibility that Microsoft could do something? I’m not sure.

Dear Hipstreet,

My parents had bought the three of us (Brother, sister and I) a Hipstreet W7 Windows 8.1 tablet for Christmas. I mean, it’s beautiful when I took it out of the box, tried to set it up and then the sadness came because within two days it kept crashing and had to restart. I mean, none of us have ever owned a tablet, and I’m always at my computer so I got one so I wouldn’t have to be at my computer all the time.
I finally got it all set up, but it would still crash on me. Christmas Day alone it crashed about 3 or 4 times, and I had just got it. So I brought it back boxing day or the day after on the Saturday, and so far it’s great.

But here is where this blog post comes in.

A while ago (earlier this year to be exact) I shed out the disk space so I wouldn’t jam it up with apps and everything) When I first got this without having installed anything, it said I had 4.45 gigs out of 9 gigs left. I know windows uses quite a bit really, but is that how much it’s supposed to use?

I went to look at the box that the tablet came in, and it said that the W7 had 16GB of internal memory (I have the product box right in front of me.) So about a month/month and a half ago I had sent Hipstreet a polite customer service email. About a week later, I still had NOT heard/gotten a single piece of email from Hipstreet regarding this so I went onto their Facebook page, and the first post I see from them is how they received a better business award.

How can they receive a good business award, if they have no customer service AT ALL?

I even posted on their Facebook page, along with a few other people who have had problems. There has not been a single response at all. My question is Hipstreet, do you even have any customer service at all?

On the bottom of the box it states that “A small portion or internal memory is used for data management functions.”

So I’ll ask my question again to you Hipstreet, maybe you’ll answer on here, or ┬ámaybe someone from Microsoft or anyone else would see this:

If there’s 16 gigs of internal memory and Windows used around 5.5 out of 9 gigs. Where did the other 7 gigs go that I was promised? Or where are they in the first place?

I want something done about this, and some action taken.

A Frustrated Customer