Dear Ontario Liberals and the Ontario Northland Transportation Commission,

Thank you for closing down the bus station in Englehart.
Thank you for saying that you would make the passenger bus system better when you cancelled the Passenger rail service.
Thank you for the good people that worked at the station that don’t have jobs anymore.
Thank you for allowing me to purchase my bus tickets in a multipack (so I can save money) before the station closed because at the Englehart Motel (or Olde Towne Inn) will only sell single tickets that are good only for the same day. (I don’t even know how early I should be anymore since they don’t have a waiting area and everyone’s going to fill the restaurant.)
Thank you for letting me waste more time then normal. (I get to go twice now instead of once! Why don’t I just stay there!)
Thank you for letting me try and cross Highway 11 and not kill myself especially when they are still working on the bridge and there’s going to be a lot of traffic on there. (I feel like I’m part of the game frogger.)
Thank you for making me not feel safe (see previous statement.)
Thank you for letting me able able to leave earlier for the bus now.
Thank you for closing the station in Matheson as well.
Thank you for subsidizing Go Transit in Southern Ontario, but not us. What if they weren’t subsidized by the government?
Thank you for caring about the North.
Thank you.

(I’m really trying not to be sarcastic if you weren’t getting that, but I was also trying to be nice while writing this.)


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