5,4,3,2,1…Thunderbirds are go!

Honestly, hearing those words definitely brought back memories.
Now, I’m only 30, and I wasn’t alive back in the 60s when Thunderbirds aired on television, but I remember watching reruns on dvd’s and the movies that were made.
Honestly, only finding out just now that they brought back Thunderbirds to the small screen was exciting. The British know what’s going on, seriously. Just seeing the very first episode and hearing the iconic countdown was exciting. Gone are the marionettes and the strings you could see, replaced now by cgi which, I must say, are amazing and fit this show perfectly I think. Sure, there might be parts here and there where you can kind of tell something’s different, but I think it just adds to the show. The cast for the Tracy boy’s is beautiful, and of course Brains is always going to be Brains. Even adding a new character was great.
I know it’s a new rebooted series for the ages, but watching the first two episodes, almost kind of felt like a continuation as some of the same struggles from back then are still going on. (I won’t tell you so you can still be surprised.) Though, I wan’t to know, and maybe it was explained between the shows, but What happened to a certain critical member? I won’t spoil you with names, but I know what they showed in the episodes, but why? Does it get explained before? I must say though, ┬áit’s a great plot point.
ITV (Hopefully i spelt that right, if I didn’t I apologize.) You’ve outdone yourself. I’m excited to see what will happen in the future.
Oh, bring it across the pond will you please?