Let’s Go Back To Childhood and The Hundred Acre Wood Once Again

Yesterday afternoon/early evening, I traversed to the local movie theatre in Peterborough to finally bring back my childhood, though I’m not sure if I ever needed to bring it back. I finally went to watch Christopher Robin. Ever since the trailer for it came out many months ago, I was ecstatic to watch it. I’ll admit it, Winnie the Pooh was my childhood. Even at 33, I don’t care what people think of that (Partly because I’m going into Children’s Ministry? who knows).

As soon as I heard Pooh’s voice, it was like a trip back through memory lane (Which is what the movie is about!) and how they have the original voice actor too!

I don’t know how many times I watched the trailer or saw any of the tv spots, but my first reaction was that it is just like the film Hook. If you haven’t seen the Robin Williams movie from the 90s, he plays a grown-up Peter Pan who doesn’t remember that he’s Peter Pan and travels to Neverland and finally remembers who he is. It’s a lovely movie if you get a chance to see it.

After watching Christopher Robin, I think it’s much more than Hook. Ewan McGregor plays the role of a grown-up Christopher Robin absolutely well. He remembers everything about his childhood, but now that he is all grown up and buy in the workforce, he doesn’t have time for the fun and games and anything from his childhood (There is a scene in the movie with the daughter, but I don’t want to spoil it for those who haven’t seen it!).

Christopher Robin is like us. We get so caught up in the world and life that we miss the important things. We miss seeing what’s right in front of us, we might miss family (which is true in many situations nowadays), and everything might become too serious because all we can think about is making money and saving up for things. We miss amazing opportunities because we can get so one-way street minded, we don’t take time to look around us.

And then one foggy day in the Hundred Acre woods, Winnie the Pooh goes through the door of adventure from so long ago, covered with vines that magically opens. Maybe I’m being too literal thinking here, but maybe the fog comes as a sign that something is lost and that Christopher Robin needs to be reminded of joy?

I’ve heard comments about how Pooh, Tigger, etc., could look better, but maybe it’s because Christopher Robin forgot about The Hundred Acre woods as he got older and moved into adulthood? (By the way, I think they look amazing).

This movie is just a reminder of how when we grow up, we tend to forget about things. We forget about joy, laughter and just having fun. We replace it with work and focusing on improving our careers and moving forward. It almost seems like the spark of childhood that we once had seems like it could get lost in the midst of growing up. We replaced it with getting married and starting a family.

I said earlier that I wouldn’t post a spoiler, but I’m going to break it. so If you haven’t seen it, you can stop reading. It’s just some quotes from the movie. that emphasize this point.

Christopher Robin: [comes home] I’m sorry, I got held up at work.
Evelyn Robin: You’ll be working this weekend?
Christopher Robin: It can’t be helped.
Madeline Robin: Father, I never see you.
Evelyn Robin: Your life is happening now, right in front of you.
Christopher Robin: I am sorry, Madeline.

Sometimes life happens right in front of us but we’re so focused minded we completely miss everything. It’s like a racehorse that can only see the track in front and nothing else.
Christopher Robin: If I work really hard now, in the future our lives will be…
Evelyn Robin: Impressive? Worse? We don’t care. We want you.

What we need to focus on is what we think is important in our lives, so we don’t miss what’s right in front of our face. Sometime’s we might say that we’ll never forget something, but honestly, if we aren’t thinking about that thing all the time, we’ll forget about it.

There is a scene in the movie where Christopher Robin wonders how Pooh got to London because the door was somewhere else, and Pooh replies that it’s where it needs to be. It reminds me about The Chronicles of Narnia, and how the children get to Narnia by different means, with Aslan mentioning that you can’t get to Narnia the same place twice.

It reminds me of discovery and adventure, finding new things so it doesn’t get stale and old because you know where it is all the time.

Pooh, Piglet, Eeyore, and Tigger go through the door to remind Christopher Robin of the joy and fun that he once had as a child. We get so worried about everything that when get older, but maybe we shouldn’t be. Maybe we should go out and have fun, laugh a little with friends, and not miss the opportunities that are in front of us because they will be gone the next moment.

Christopher Robin also reminds me of Mr. Banks from Mary Poppins, who is also uptight and trying to provide the best for his children, even though he misses opportunities that are right in front of him.

Both characters have families and children, and they miss what’s dearly important to them because they are so focused on their careers. By the end of each movie, they know realize and figure out what’s important to them. They live and have the best life that they can have. We all need something or someone in our lives that will help us with this. Help us to never forget the joy, wonder and beauty of life.

Do you have a Winnie the Pooh in your life? Where is your Hundred Acre Woods?


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