Immanuel’s Veins by Ted Dekker

First off, no, this is not a book review, because I haven’t even finished the book. I’m only just starting chapter 10, and I’m hoping it gets because, because I don’t know, maybe it’s not my style, but it’s not my favourite book so far. I’m just hoping it gets better, but it kinda sounds like it might get better.


Edit – I knew it was a  book about vampires, from what I heard, but to be honest, I mean it just seems like a vampire romance book with the occasional person getting shot? I so hope it’s much more than this


The Circle Series

book review time! *cheering from all around can be heard*

I’ve always wanted to do this, ,write a review for one of my favourite books, or in this case my favourite 4 books. I did a little mini review of this last year and one a 10 dollar gift certificate from a bookstore. Thought it was time I try for something a lot bigger.

Now one of my favourites, and probably will be one of my favourites, is C.S. Lewis’s tales about 2 brothers and 2 sisters, going into a wardrobe in the spare room because they were hiding, and unbeknownst to them, they arrive in another world called Narnia. Ever Since I’ve been reading them (well I only started reading them after the The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe came out at the theatre)

Anyways, now on to what everyone’s been waiting for! *drumroll*
Now comes an author by the name of Ted Dekker, and the first book I read of his was Thr3e, which was simply crazy. I’ve read several more of his books, and to be honest, I was never a fan of the thriller/suspense genre, and I don’t know if it’s the Christianity aspects of them (which it probably is) but you can say I’m hooked.

now I’m at a bookstore one day, looking through the sale/clearance book section and I came across two books by Dekker. ONe was called Black – The Birth of Evil, and the other White (I think the subtitle for this is the Heroic rescue, but I may be wrong, I don’t have them handy and close by) They were only around 7 dollars each, and later I realized that these were a trilogy, and I was missing the second book! So I decided not to read Black until I had the second book in the series, which I found out after doing research, was called Red.

Once I had all three of these books, I had started to read them. I remember I had read the first 5 chapters of Black and then forgot about the series for some reason so after a while I started to reread black and finish the trilogy. At first I was like, what’s going on? One Chapter Thomas Hunter was in Denver Colorado, another chapter he was somewhere totally different, but they were all connected to each other. (Later in the book, Thomas spends more than one chapter in Denver, Colorado and what’s called “Other Earth”) They also have an idea that they call The Great Romance.

To be honest, I really didn’t want to put them down, but you know, I needed to sleep. They were definite page turners, always wanting to know what Was Happening to Thomas in both worlds. Before the end of the first book, you find out that events that happened in Other Earth, were happening on Earth, which in the book, is before what’s called The Great Deception, and when Thomas is in Other Earth, it’s far into the future, where he has t o find out about the ‘Histories’ as they are being called, to help save Earth. That’s after trying to figure out which one was a dream and which was real (crazy! I know!) He meets in black a bow asking THomas, who he thought he was.

In the second book, which is set 15 years after black, Thomas, along with his sister, a pharmecutical company, and the U.S. Government is trying to stop a madman from unleashing what could be the end of the world as anyone knows of it. Honestly, Everything was amazing about the book, I don’t think I could say anything bad about it. The characters were amazingly written, the action wasn’t slow, always wanted to turn to the next page to find out what’s happening. it was crazy, it was intense. Along with everyone else that wants him dead in both worlds, he brings knowledge to Other Earth from Earth to help fight.

Skip forward a couple years, and when I find out Ted’s releasing green, I thought ‘No way” and when I read it, I definitely couldn’t put it down. At the start of it, he’s just in Other Earth, because well, he’s dead on Earth, after coming back several times using the Books of Histories. In Green, He’s also kinda helping who he’s been fighting. At the end of the book, honestly, when Thomas asked Elyon (God) about saving his family because everything was going how he thought it wasn’t going to go, and next thing you knew, it was like you were reading Black, making it a COMPLETE CIRCLE. It was honestly so amazing and so crazy I thought it was absolutely amazing.

I thought all 4 books were absolutely amazing, such a spectacular read. I tried to be spoiler free if you haven’t read them, but as you can see, it isn’t all spoiler free. My favourite part of the whole series is in the second book, Red, near the end of it, when there gathered as what they call The Circle (I haven’t read it in a while so I’m trying to remember) after they kill Justin and I can’t remember who’s speaking, I think it’s Elyon, I can’t remember, but their talking about the Love, and jumping in the water, and I wish I could  totally remember it, because I thought it was the most amazing thing ever.

Everything about this is great, though when I found out that fans had complained about the end of Green because it didn’t actually end it, and Ted Dekker rereleased all 4 books in one and that’s the only way you can read the new alternate ending (it contains both endings by the way) I wanted to read it, and I still want to read this new ending. Only thing is though, I already have all 4 books, do I really want to buy all 4 books again just to read the ending? Not really, I still want to read it anyways.

So if you unlike suspense, thrillers, action, romance (yes it has everything basically) and  I think it’s a good thing to say that you should definitely read this. The analogies and everything relating is just spectacular, something you definitely will not be disappointed with.

Back To The Books

No, I’m no talking about going back to school with this. Another title I could have used for this could have been ‘Back to The Real Books’

Because as you know (if you’ve been reading my limited number of posts on here) that I’ve been reading a lot of comic books lately, and I’m not saying that comics aren’t real books, I’m talking about book books, you know, the kind without pictures?

Since I’ve been caught up with DC Comic’s New 52, that’s what I’ve been reading. Right now, I’m all caught  up basically. So what does that mean? Well let’s just say that I have a good number of books that I have, that have not been read yet. I know their only around 25 dollars or so, but good books aren’t that cheap. I mean sure, you can find great books in bargain bins and sale sections, but then you look at the other books on the shelves, take it off the shelf to read to the description on the back, and you think it’s such an amazing book that you want to read it, and then you look down to see how much it is is, and back on the shelf it goes. There are so many books that I want to get. I’m always looking in the clearance/sale sections first, and then go towards the shelves.

So many good books, but the price. I mean if it’s really good then I mean 25 dollars doesn’t seem like a lot. I just want to get a good amount for my money, know what I mean? (Hopefully you do)

I don’t really like to buy things online (I don’t have a credit card so I’ve been using those visa gift cards, neat little things they are) but for books I’ve been using this site called which I think it’s amazing. They don’t have a super huge selection like amazon, but you can find some amazing finds, and I think the prices are great.

Yesterday, I started reading Immanuel’s Veins by Ted Dekker. I’m not on chapter 3 yet but I am really liking this since it’s just setting everything up and I can’t wait to see what will happen. Plus, it somehow connects with The Circle Series, which is crazy because he has so many books that connect with it, sometimes hard to figure things out. I’m not going to even start with that, think it deserves its on post.

To be honest, at first I was never really a fun of suspense books and that, and I believe my first book diving into books like that was Ted Dekker’s Thr3e which was a great read. Then I was also reading Frank Peretti as well. I’ve read one book by Randy Alcorn,, not in the same category, but still an amazing book.

I really like reading C.S. Lewis. The Chronicles of Narnia is one of my favourite series, with the Circle Series in the same group. I happened to have gotten a copy of The Screwtape Letters for free when I was away at college and the library at the school had a table with free books. it was Lewis. It was free so I took it. So amazing. More about books later, I honestly do want to get of here and continue reading.