I am Second Book Review

Salvation stories of notable and everyday people inspire a revolution of “seconds” and create more radically obedient followers of Christ.

Across the United States and the world, hundreds of thousands of people are proclaiming a new anthem: “I Am Second.” They have come alive to the truth that God has a plan for this world and his glory, a plan that includes allowing everyone who has faith in Jesus to enter a loving relationship with the God of the universe. In I Am Second, readers encounter story after story of notable people throughout culture who have had a radical, life-changing encounter with Jesus Christ.

Each story in this powerful book is raw and real, dealing with the darkest moments of the human experience. Drugs, addictions, depression, infidelity, pride, abortion, cancer, pornography, marriage, divorce, war—each story shows the redemptive power of the gospel to rescue us in the greatest depths of our human need, even in the secret areas of our lives. Alongside each story, readers are given study group questions and an offer to view related testimonies to find the freedom Christ offers.

(The above description is from Barnes and Noble.)

I like to read as you might have noticed.

Other than all the fiction I’ve read, I like true live stories. The stories of people and what’s happened in their lives, Events that have taken place.

As soon as I read the description for this book, I knew it was a must read for me.

This book is full of stories ranging from every subject, as you read in  the description above, stories, from people across the globe, about how some of them were at the deepest part of their lives, and they realized they needed something. They needed Jesus to do a complete 180 of their life and they were changed. We all need Jesus in our lives, because we’re missing something, we’ve messed up, or we try to fill our lives with worldly things, and it still doesn’t seem like it’s enough, because there’s still something missing.

People can completely connect with true stories. They could be thinking, “I’m the only going through this,” and then they could read this book and even one of the stories they could start to think “That’s exactly what I’m going  through.” Because people can relate to true life stories because it hits home for everyone.

Even the title of the book, I Am Second, it’s a call to action for people to put God first. To put others first before themselves as Jesus did. For us to be second.

If we did that, then how different would this world be? How changed/transformed would everything be if we put this into practice?

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