You can breathe now, it’s only a comic book

If you’re like me, your reading DC Comics New 52. I’m purchasing 21 out of the 52 titles (I’ll explain all of that another time.

I don’t have a comic shop anywhere close to where I am (I think the closest one is maybe 3 2-3 hours away?) Anyways, I just kinda finished getting caught up, and started reading #5’s today. Ever Since it came out back in January my brother kept telling me, you need to read Batman #5, and I’m like ok, I’ll read it.

I just finished the book like maybe 10 minutes ago. and I think I finally calmed my nerves down. Try and not give much away since if someone’s reading this, but they haven’t read #5, don’t want to spoil it for them. It was crazy, it was such an amazing book. The art was amazing, writing was amazing. The whole thing was just simply beautiful, and very intense.

Everyone that’s into Batman should read this, but maybe the first 4 books that come before it would help to. I mean, I’m liking what I’m reading – Flash, Green Lantern, etc, but then when it comes to Batman, it’s been amazing, but honestly, I’m not even sure if I can describe #5 (though  I think I might already have) twists and turns, and I was like wha.. and well I’ll just tell you my dropped reading it.


When was the last time I made a post on here?

Sometime this weekend? I’ll give you a catch up of what’s happened in my life so far

-I broke 30,000 words for my NaNoWriMo novel (I help out at the high school there was no school yesterday because it was a p.d. day, so I wrote 7,000 words. Crazy Man!) I’m currently standing at 32,405 words, I’m like 4 days ahead, it’s crazy.

– I read several comics yesterday, a lot of the number 3’s that have come out in the past two weeks, trying to catch up :P

-I finished reading Trigun Maximum Vol. 12 which I got for a dollar

-I started reading Spiderman Reign Trade I have, so far I really like it

and you know what? that all happened yesterday, lots of stuff!