Green Arrow

So I’m currently reading Green Arrow #8 (I’m not super behind I just am not reading them in the order they come out in because I get them all at once) and I’ll be honest.

I’m thinking about actually not picking that title anymore.

out of the 22 (but now with the second wave more like 28 since I’m getting the first issues of each of them to see how they are) of the 52 titles that I am currently picking up, this is ┬áthe first time I’ve even considered it.

Why? The new creative team. No offence to any of them, but I was actually liking it before issue 7. I like the Oliver Queen Character before the new creative team came in and now, I’m just not sure about him anymore. I guess you could say the story is alright, but what I’m not a huge fan of is the art. Sure, sometimes the fight scenes look ok I guess, but when, like say #7, Oliver is talking to Jax and Naomi, and how Jax and Naomi looked, I was not a soon of it at all. So my question is, will the art be getting better, or more importantly, why should I keep this title? (I do have number 9 of it)
I like the new creative team of Superman better if I had to pick.


Edit – I just got to the part in #8 that shows Jax and Naomi, and they look a lot better than what they did in number 7 and I think I might just have to pick up number 10 as well just to see how things are coming along