So, I’m Fasting – Day 5 and 6

I know I’m a day or two behind, but it’s not because I’ve been lazy, which some people might think :P

I’m still not feeling well. It just started from sneezing monday, 3 and a half days later I still feel tired in the head. I thought it was because it’s only 9:47 in the morning as I right this, and I do still feel like I’m waking up I guess, (I’ve been up since seven) but then I also feel tired in the head, if anyone knows what I’m talking about. The last two nights, I haven’t even bothered to turn on my computer again, just to type this (Usually I do.)

I mean, I have more energy than I did yesterday and Tuesday, but I still don’t feel back to the 100 % that I was.

I’m doing fine with the fast. last night I spent an hour or so watching the Food Network (Eat St. to be exact) and sometimes I was like, “That looks so good,” but my stomach really wasn’t growling at all, the last time I think it did that was maybe Monday? iI can’t remember, maybe it was Sunday, who knows. My mom and I are still rationing (quarter cup of beans and maybe a cup of rice) because that’s the rations they get so if we’re on a bean and rice fast, why would we want to give ourselves more?


So, I’m fasting – Day 4

Today felt better than yesterday.

My stomach didn’t feel as hungry as sometimes like it did yesterday, yet, I ate basically the same amount of rice and beans. So I don’t get it. I don’t mind having rice and beans everyday, and today, I even had a cup of tea (President’s Choice Chocolate Mint tea to be exact) since for no reason, I’ve been sneezing for like the past couple of hours. I was totally fine and than it hit me all of a sudden. I think the tea did help a little with the sneezing and that.

I think it was on friday when my mom was soaking the beans (We’ve been having the dry kidney beans but soaking them before cooking, so they aren’t really all that dry) and I could not believe how much that bag of beans grew. I was like, “All those beans came ou of that bag?”

I also got my copy of Avenging Spider-Man #3 in the mail today. I haven’t read it yet Since I’ve been reading Unstuck, few pages into chapter 2 already

So, I’m Fasting – Day 3

So this is a day late. I was tired last night, and I didn’t feel like turning my computer back on.

Yesterday I was ok, but it started to get to me – just eating the rice and beans. Like being hungry and that. Other than that I was pretty much fine. I think maybe because we’re using the brown rice instead of just the plain white rice helps too. My mom cooked some more rice since we basically ran out of it. We did have some left over from the original batch but more was made. My sister is doing it for one meal of the day, so it lasted all day friday, breakfast on Saturday, and breakfast and lunch today. So about 13 servings of rice from the first batch which was pretty good, and I even put some soya sauce on it (not going to do that all of the time since they can’t do it all the time either.)

Has anyone else out there done anything like this before?

Note – I know it’s Monday, but I’ve written this post like it was still Sunday, when I should have written it. Maybe I should write them earlier in the day, who knows

So, I’m Fasting – Day 2

Well, 2 days into it, and I feel pretty good. At the dinner/Africa Presentation tonight at the church (Which was absolutely amazing. I mean the pastor was telling a story about talking 15 people for dinner and it only costing 35 dollars for everyone which was crazy, but he did that as like a treat thing, but the rest of it was like wow, kind of an eye opener) the pastor had said about we could be eating as much rice and beans as we could eat for the fast and my mom and I have been rationing (so serving sizes, like a serving of beans is a quarter cup and we’ve been eating a cup of rice. We’re also eating brown rice at home so yesterday I wasn’t feeling hungry at all really.) So the beans tonight were fancy, baked beans, beans in sauce, even soya sauce, which we haven’t been using at all.

The fast is ten days, so unless I’m figuring it out wrong in my head it heads a week from tomorrow, but for me and my mom, it’ll be ending breakfast monday morning. why? we’ll my dad wanted to take us out for lunch, which he did. I had a chicken caesar wrap and soup (which had a bit of rice in it!) but that’s why we’re extending it for us till breakfast the next day.

And just with the presentation and that everything, I mean look at how much we have, and than look at what little they have compared to here, but they make the best of it.