I haven’t read at all today


It’s crazy, I know, but I haven’t.

Yesterday, Late afternoon I think, I started sneezing. I don’t know why, I was fine all day and then it just hits me. Plus, I couldn’t remember when I took an allergy tablet on Sunday, so I didn’t take one until 9:30 last night, and this morning my head felt tired and everything, and it still does feel like and I think I’ve lost all my energy or something, and that I want to sleep. I’m tired.


I still have about 16 or comics to read to before the end of the month and I can order #10’s and everything else


So, I’m fasting – Day 4


Today felt better than yesterday.

My stomach didn’t feel as hungry as sometimes like it did yesterday, yet, I ate basically the same amount of rice and beans. So I don’t get it. I don’t mind having rice and beans everyday, and today, I even had a cup of tea (President’s Choice Chocolate Mint tea to be exact) since for no reason, I’ve been sneezing for like the past couple of hours. I was totally fine and than it hit me all of a sudden. I think the tea did help a little with the sneezing and that.

I think it was on friday when my mom was soaking the beans (We’ve been having the dry kidney beans but soaking them before cooking, so they aren’t really all that dry) and I could not believe how much that bag of beans grew. I was like, “All those beans came ou of that bag?”

I also got my copy of Avenging Spider-Man #3 in the mail today. I haven’t read it yet Since I’ve been reading Unstuck, few pages into chapter 2 already

Avengers Assemble!


So after seeing a movie poster featuring Captain America and Hawkeye, and seeing trailers, etc for it. I think I’d better say what I’ve been wanting to say. Warning, this is my own opinion :P

Why did they change Cap’s Costume? Why couldn’t they keep and use the same one from The First Avenger? Why couldn’t they make something similar to the suit that we all know and love? Why do I think it might possibly be a little dumb looking?


I still want to see the movie though



I’ve been blogging a lot about DC’s The New 52, but I haven’t even told you all of them that I’m getting! So here’s the list

  1. Action Comics
  2. All-Star Western
  3. Aquaman
  4. Batman
  5. Captain Atom
  6. Detective Comics
  7. Flash
  8. Green Arrow
  9. Green Lantern
  10. Green Lantern Corps
  11. Green Lantern New Guardians
  12. Grifter
  13. Justice League
  14. Justice League International
  15. Legion Lost (kinda right now:P)
  16. Nightwing
  17. Red Hood And The Outlaws
  18. Savage Hawkman
  19. Superboy
  20. Supergirl
  21. Superman
  22. Teen Titans

so yea, lots of titles. I’m also thinking about picking of Swamp thing because I really like what I’ve read of it. Animal man #1 was great, just not the rest, no offence to DC, just not my style.


Now, the other titles that I pick up that are not DC

  1. Ultimate Spider-man (the new series)
  2. Flash Gordon Zeitgeist
  3. Super Dinosaur
  4. Mega-Man

Annnd, I think that’s pretty much it. So basically I just told you what titles I’m picking up.

So what titles are you picking up every month? What titles of The New 52 are you reading? how excited are you for the second wave that’s coming in May? (Dial H!)