2012 – The Year Of The Ska

or The Year Of The Horn, either works.
But with either one that you choose, it only means one thing – you better have your dancing’ shoes on.

If you haven’t heard, or found out after (like me) you know that the O.C. Supertones are back!

Few months ago, it was Five Iron Frenzy announcing a comeback with a new record and a crazy amount they raised for their Kickstarter. On their Facebook page, the Supertones announced something big was going to happen on March 9th, and the first that came to my was a new album. Sure enough, I was right, but when I actually saw those words, I think I exploded with happiness all over again. If you haven’t already yet downloaded their new FREE song from Noisetrade, you need to do that pronto. It is such a fun and catchy song. One Kickstarter that I definitely think that I will back.

I never did see these guys live, and this is like a second chance, maybe it would be a better chance if they came to Canada, but one can hope right?

Here’s the link for their Kickstarter –¬†http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/theocsupertones/oc-supertones-new-album
(the link to the new song is at the bottom and right now 40 days left, their at just over $3800)