It’s that time of year again!

No, I’m not talking about Halloween.

I’mm not talking about Movember either (Although it’s a great cause and starts tomorrow)
What else starts tomorrow?


that’s right boys and girls, the time of the year when people lock themselves into their room and have no life while attempting to write a 50,000 word novel in a month. Oops, did I actually say people have no lives during the month of November? That’s such a lie, because I write like crazy and still have a life, and I actually finished it last year! I still think it’s pretty snazzy if I do say so myself.

So how many of you out there in the internet world or working on this? Will you be typing it on a computer in a boat, will you be handwriting it on a goat? (OK sorry, had Dr. Seuss rhyming going on in my head :P) I don’t think I could write 50,000 words in a month. Do any of you do that? or can do that? That’s crazy, and good for you! Have many of you use an iPad or anything like that to write your novel on. If you do what programs do you use? Me? I don’t have an iPad or an iPod or anything like  that, so I’ll be typing on my handy dandy iMac like I’ve done for the past two years.  I know I’ll be away This Saturday, and away for a weekend (Friday-Sunday) in two weeks? So that’ll be crazy to catch up. I’ll just have to type like 6,000 words a day or something like that (I was kind of doing that last year to)

Anyone want to reveal their ideas as to what they’ll be writing about? Or will you be too busy writing away?

As for me? I’ll be writing Fan fiction. 50,000 words of an amazingly and hopefully seriously epic Fan Fiction that involves a Certain U.S. Air Force Pilot by the name of Nathaniel Adam. It’s going to be great


I meant to make this post yesterday, but I didn’t.

I finally finished NaNoWrimo yesterday before 3 in the afternoon(I finished with a word count of 51, 375), and I was excited. Sure, when I got up this morning I thought to myself, ‘woah, I don’t have to write anymore.”

No more time after whatever just to pound out words to reach the goal. It felt different, going back to the way things were before this past month’s activities.

Do I plan to do it next year? Of course I do.

This is my second year doing NaNoWriMo. Last y ears attempt failed miserably, and I finished the 50,000 words this August. This year though, things changed.


To those of you that accomplished the task that was set before us, I salute you. To those who didn’t finish, or who are working hastily until the midnight oil burns, I salute you as well. It’s a tough decision to commit to, you can definitely do it.

When was the last time I made a post on here?

Sometime this weekend? I’ll give you a catch up of what’s happened in my life so far

-I broke 30,000 words for my NaNoWriMo novel (I help out at the high school there was no school yesterday because it was a p.d. day, so I wrote 7,000 words. Crazy Man!) I’m currently standing at 32,405 words, I’m like 4 days ahead, it’s crazy.

– I read several comics yesterday, a lot of the number 3’s that have come out in the past two weeks, trying to catch up :P

-I finished reading Trigun Maximum Vol. 12 which I got for a dollar

-I started reading Spiderman Reign Trade I have, so far I really like it

and you know what? that all happened yesterday, lots of stuff!

Wanna know about the Weather and NanoWrimo Today?

Ilike maybe 15 twenty minutes ago (this being around 7:30 saturday morning) my mom was like, look out the window, and I did, and there was snow! not much but there was snow, picture will come later if it’s still there.

Oh, and since I got way ahead yesterday on my word count, I only have 958 words to do. I am so going to be ahead it might actually be funny.

So I’ll add something at the end so that all my posts won’t be about NaNoWriMo, but two days ago in the mail, I got the first issue in my subscription to Mega Man, that’s right, I subscribed to the blue bomber courtesy of Archie comics. What does everyone think of the series so far? I for one like it. the art is great, and I really like it paying homage to the old school. And they kept Rock, so that’s a good thing. The humour in it, what can I say, I think it adds to the comic, and I can’t wait for the next  issue. Though reading it, and how the first 4 issues were for the first game, I was kind of worried a little, but up to now, I’m definitely not.

NaNoWriMo. Word Count. Ahead?

Is it even possible to put these three words in the same sentence and actually make it sound like a real sentence, because you know that it doesn’t happen often. Or does it?

The par word count for today was 18,333. How many words am I at so far? 19,054. I never though it was possible, but if I’m going good and know what I’m writing at the moment, I can’t get about a 1,000 words in roughly about an hour? So yesterday morning, and kind of today to, started around 7:45-8 a.m. I had the 1,667 words done before 9:30 which is absolutely crazy.

And that brings us to a question. I’m not the greatest with grammer, so should I worry about fixing it or should I wait until, well, not now? I did find an online grammer thing earlier today which seemed pretty cool, but I’m not sure if I should be even doing that at this point or just writing. Last Saturday I don’t even thinking I did any writing on the saturday and got all caught up on the Sunday, but we’ll see if it’s like that this weekend, or it’s different, and I can still try and keep ahead :P

Would Superman try his hand out at NaNoWriMo?

If he ever wanted to try it at all, as soon as November 1st comes along he’d have 50,000 words done in probably like 5 seconds maybe? well maybe at least 10, because you know, even superheroes would need to figure out a storyline, and by the end of the month, he’d probably have a literary career that spends years (By the way, I just finished my 1,667 words for the day. What your supposed to be at for today Day numero 9, is just over 15,000 at 15,003 and I’m 441 words short. No big deal though, piece of cake to type out that many words)

Any of you out there reading this also working on your novel for NaNoWriMo? How’s that coming along? and how many of you are asking yourselves why I’m relating this to Superman?

Well, the answer is quite simple. I was reading Superman today. Not just any ordinary issue of Superman, no sire, but Superman #1 of the new 52. I’ve had it for a while, but just haven’t read it yet so I thought I would actually read it before reading everything else that I have and totally forgetting about it. I’m a slow reader, I like to take my time reading things, which in short – I haven’t finished it yet. It’s already been maybe 40 minutes to an hour. Though I have picked up my pace and reading it at the pace as if someone was talking. I’m still not sure what to think about it, there are parts that I like, parts that I don’t. but it will be good none the less because it’s Superman, and who doesn’t like the Man of Steel, even without the red undies?