So I just picked up something truly amazing

It might not be the greatest thing ever, but when I saw it in the bin my eyes lit up like it was Christmas. (Yes I know it’s only June)

Anyways, I don’t know about the giant tiger store ¬†where you are (The american people who read this have probably seen what I’m talking about) But usually they have bins of the special editions of movies with the added bonuses for like ten dollars, which is crazy cheap since since their usually around maybe $30-40 dollars. So I happen to see the bin of this stuff and what do my eyes focus on for only ten dollars? A metal tin in the shape of a white race car with a red m on the font and a yellow 5 in a red circle on the sides. The only time I’ve seen things like this is one dvd that has 8 episodes for like around 10 dollars, so of course, I absolutely bought it.

Oh? No everyone’s clued in to what I purchased yet? well here’s something that should help you a little better and you might gasp to

That’s right, not just 8 episodes of Speed Racer, but the entire 52 episode series of Speed Racer from the 60s! I totally remember watching this back in the 90s. and all of this for just 10 dollars!
And that’s the end of this little post here. I just thought that I would share my excitement with the rest of the world.