Real by Jamie Snyder Book Review

“Would people know I”m a Christian if they didn’t see me at church?”
This gut-check question was just what Jamie Snyder needed. Like many of us, he sensed his faith had become mechanical rather than meaningful, scheduled rather than passionate. Emboldened, Snyder set out to recapture the sold-out lifestyle of early followers of Jesus.
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And, snap, that question in the description is one I think everyone should ask themselves, because it’s the truth. What would people say about me if they didn’t see me at church? Would they say that I’m still a Christian based on how I live my life? It’s an eye opener question because it’s the truth, because it’s real.

Along with everything that Jamie has to say in this, he brings in real life stories, which just bring more authenticity to it, and for me personally, real life stories are the way to go, because they bring more people together and they can relate with everything.

we all want to be 24/7 followers of Jesus, even though a lot of us get busy with everything else that boggles down our lives and gets us busy and a little distracted from what we really should be doing, and through this book, Jamie helps us bring everything around us into focus and that we can see what we need to see a little bit clearly, a little bit more real. Some of the stories in this book are just simply amazing and I want to tell you them all, but that would be ruining the book.

We all need to be 24/7 followers of Jesus, but the important thing is that we also need to be real, and Jamie Helps us along with things that he talks about in his book.

Jamie Snyder writes and preaches to thousands of people every week as pastor of Lakeside Christian Church. He previously served at the country”s fifth largest church, Southeast Christian Church, where Kyle Idleman pastors. Jamie and his wife, Alex, and their two young sons live in Lakeside Park, Kentucky. Learn more at

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Signs, Wonders and a Baptist Preacher: How Jesus Flipped My World Upside Down by Chad Norris







“Demonstrating humor, candor, and personal vulnerability, this Southern Baptist preacher offers an entertaining, non-religious look at the Holy Spirit. He shares transparently, recounting his own history of depression and panic attacks until Jesus rescued him and showed him how to do the works of the Father. As Norris explains, “I had no paradigm for that.

Even though Jesus said we will do even greater things than he did, we don”t. Norris”s engaging narrative style lowers readers” defenses and opens their minds to the idea that these “greater things” are more attainable than they think. Because we are loved more than we imagine, says Norris, we are more capable of doing the Father”s works than we have ever considered.” Then he challenges readers to engage with the supernatural.” (Taken from

Now what first got me interested in this book was simply just the title. I thought to myself,  this is going to be a very interesting read. Sure enough, it was absolutely amazing.

Jesus said we would do greater things than what he did. He did some pretty amazing things, so for us to think that we can do greater things than what he did, it’s absolutely mind blowing. A lot of the times though, we don’t see people do greater things that what Jesus did? Why’s that? I have no idea.

Maybe people are scared to step out and have everyone think they are weird, but maybe that’s what God wants us to be – weird, peculiar, different from everyone else so we don’t do the same things as everyone else. Maybe than we’ll start to do great things.

Chad does a great job explaining the Holy Spirit. One thing that really works even though it might be hard, are real, true life stories that people can relate too. He opens up sharing some of his stories, and other stories that will make we go woah, that is amazing. That’s what was going through my head as I was reading this book.

In short, if you want to learn how more about the Holy Spirit and how you might start doing great, or even greater things then this would be a very good book to read if it’s a topic that interests you. I’ll describe the book in four words:

Crazy and insanely good.

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InSignificant by Chris Travis Book Review

“Popular Author Reveals the Unexpected Ways God Gets Things Done If you want to change the world, you have to do it God”s way. And God”s way looks nothing like our culture”s way. Author and pastor Chris Travis gathers powerful true stories–including his own experiences teaching in a dangerous public school–to cast a vision of how God has a way of turning things upside down: he makes the weak strong, the foolish wise, and the insignificant matter. Anyone who wants to live a life of meaning will benefit from this gripping and insightful book. Includes end-of-chapter questions for personal study or small group discussions. “(Taken From


We all matter to God, you might not think that way, but you matter, and everyone matters. God’s changing this world in a unique and exciting way and we’re all a part of it.

To be honest,  I only got this book for two reasons: 1- I really liked the description of it, and 2 – I really like the orange cover of the book.

When I read it, I was completely blown away. Chris uses the true stories that are all through the book to shape the way that God is using them to change the world. Kind of like our own experiences that are used to help shape and define who we are, that helps change the world around us, even if we don’t think it is, God is using them.

I was deeply moved when I read this, makes me take a look at my life and how  I do things, and what I can do differently to help change the way things are for God’s Kingdom.

Thank you Chris, for this amazing book.


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So, I’m fasting – Day 4

Today felt better than yesterday.

My stomach didn’t feel as hungry as sometimes like it did yesterday, yet, I ate basically the same amount of rice and beans. So I don’t get it. I don’t mind having rice and beans everyday, and today, I even had a cup of tea (President’s Choice Chocolate Mint tea to be exact) since for no reason, I’ve been sneezing for like the past couple of hours. I was totally fine and than it hit me all of a sudden. I think the tea did help a little with the sneezing and that.

I think it was on friday when my mom was soaking the beans (We’ve been having the dry kidney beans but soaking them before cooking, so they aren’t really all that dry) and I could not believe how much that bag of beans grew. I was like, “All those beans came ou of that bag?”

I also got my copy of Avenging Spider-Man #3 in the mail today. I haven’t read it yet Since I’ve been reading Unstuck, few pages into chapter 2 already

So, I’m Fasting – Day 3

So this is a day late. I was tired last night, and I didn’t feel like turning my computer back on.

Yesterday I was ok, but it started to get to me – just eating the rice and beans. Like being hungry and that. Other than that I was pretty much fine. I think maybe because we’re using the brown rice instead of just the plain white rice helps too. My mom cooked some more rice since we basically ran out of it. We did have some left over from the original batch but more was made. My sister is doing it for one meal of the day, so it lasted all day friday, breakfast on Saturday, and breakfast and lunch today. So about 13 servings of rice from the first batch which was pretty good, and I even put some soya sauce on it (not going to do that all of the time since they can’t do it all the time either.)

Has anyone else out there done anything like this before?

Note – I know it’s Monday, but I’ve written this post like it was still Sunday, when I should have written it. Maybe I should write them earlier in the day, who knows

So, I’m Fasting – Day 2

Well, 2 days into it, and I feel pretty good. At the dinner/Africa Presentation tonight at the church (Which was absolutely amazing. I mean the pastor was telling a story about talking 15 people for dinner and it only costing 35 dollars for everyone which was crazy, but he did that as like a treat thing, but the rest of it was like wow, kind of an eye opener) the pastor had said about we could be eating as much rice and beans as we could eat for the fast and my mom and I have been rationing (so serving sizes, like a serving of beans is a quarter cup and we’ve been eating a cup of rice. We’re also eating brown rice at home so yesterday I wasn’t feeling hungry at all really.) So the beans tonight were fancy, baked beans, beans in sauce, even soya sauce, which we haven’t been using at all.

The fast is ten days, so unless I’m figuring it out wrong in my head it heads a week from tomorrow, but for me and my mom, it’ll be ending breakfast monday morning. why? we’ll my dad wanted to take us out for lunch, which he did. I had a chicken caesar wrap and soup (which had a bit of rice in it!) but that’s why we’re extending it for us till breakfast the next day.

And just with the presentation and that everything, I mean look at how much we have, and than look at what little they have compared to here, but they make the best of it.

So, I’m fasting

But I’ll have to explain.

So the pastor at the church I go to, along with his family and someone else from the church, went to Africa back in March for 3 weeks. Fast forward to about now, he challenged us with 2 Chronicles 7:14

14 if my people, who are called by my name, will humblethemselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgivetheir sin and will heal their land. (NIV)


so basically for the last 40 days, 7 days a week, spending 14 minutes in prayer. Starting today was a fast that he talked about (Here comes the Africa trip that I mentioned). He challenged us to eat only rice and beans, because that’s basically what 70% of the world eats. So for  breakfast this morning I had beans with rice, and for lunch today I had rice with beans (see how I’m mixing things up? crafty, aren’t I?) Anyways, we’re doing that (my mom and I, not my sister or dad) and the fast is for 10 days. So far, I actually feel pretty good right now. To further it, the pastor also challenged us to fast something else (He’s giving up coffee) And what am I giving up for ten days? Facebook. (So if any of you Facebook friends of mine see this, you’ll know why I’m not on.)I do spend some time on it, but most of the time I kinda still keep the Facebook tab open, but I don’t even bother with it, or I leave it on when I’m away and someone talks to me and I’m like oh, man, I should not have left it on.

You could be thinking, “Hey John, why didn’t you give up WordPress for ten days?” I had thought about it, but  I can’t, since I’ll need to be posting book reviews, therefore I can’t fast t his, Even though I haven’t posted anything in a while and that should totally change. Tomorrow night we’re having a supper at the church (rice and beans, wooo!) and they’ll be giving a presentation on Africa, which I am really excited too see all the pictures and video (and they have a ton of that stuff, which is sweet.)