I’m working on a new book project and I thought I could make it a little more interactive!


The other day it was amazing outside! The sun was out, I was wearing a t-shirt and jeans and no winter coat getting my hair cut, pulling a hoodie off the clothesline and putting it on and smelling it because it just smelled so good.

Anyways, I thought to myself how there’s a lot of smells out there that people really like. I thought I would make a book, and then get others to submit a favourite smell that they like.


So that’s what I’m doing. You can submit your favourite smell, and why you like it. Maybe it invokes recalling a childjood memory, or something completely random.


I think this will be fun.

Email your favourite smell to : bestsmellever42@gmail.com

Please no foul language




Photo credit: John Lear (Myself)

Our Youth Pastor had told us to write down things because you know, we might forget something tomorrow that we really  wanted to put down. So here is basically what you could call my Overflow 2015 journal.


It’s been ten years.
2005 was the first year that we went to Overflow, (I still have my green rubber wristband from then!) and I’m still going 10 years later being a youth leader. I think there were four years before this year that we missed, but coming again was absolutely amazing.
Especially since the whole group (Minus one person who had gone before) had never been to this before.
Honestly, as soon as you enter the complex, you just knew something else was there with you. No, I’m not talking about everyone else (Ok, well maybe kind of. You know, around 3,000 people is a lot.) and I’m not talking about if there was a smell in there or not, but the presence of God is definitely there.
Just getting back from the first night, and it was just simply amazing.
As soon as the worship started and everyone rushed up to the front like a swarm, that’s the first thought that came to my mind, but since I’m a youth leader now, along with two others and our youth pastor, I wasn’t sure if I was going to go up. As soon as I saw some of our youth go up, I kind of knew my answer.
I even decided beforehand not to go up at all, but that went out the window completely just feeling everything up there was just beautiful.
Oh, I had my 30th birthday just over a month ago.
Oh, and I wasn’t wearing earplugs either.
Yes, I’m crazy, but it doesn’t matter.
Here’s another thing about going up front. I understand some people not going up because they don’t like crowds, etc., but going up front is like going all out and giving everything  we have to God, not sitting in the bleachers, and actually being in the game, but everyone is (Ok, maybe that wasn’t a great thought, or maybe it does work with just different wording.)
The music is always amazing, but we know that it shouldn’t be about the music, and how it’s played, or the band, but the words.
James Murray just blew minds with how he presented the word, and got everything thinking (Hopefully everyone) about how God interrupts the funeral of our lives and just radically changes everything for the BETTER.
Seeing all of those kids (Or teenagers, however you want to say it) Receiving Jesus!

Now I’m still wondering if there will be Doritos in Heaven?


One day.
So much God.
Isn’t it exciting?
I still went up for the worship with the few from our group, thinking this time that I don’t want to sit on the sidelines or the bleachers again, but right  in the middle of everything, the middle of the game. (Probably another bad analogy?)
That’s where I want to be.
Todd Crews and Matt Tapley did such an incredible job at presenting Gods word, things just continue to blow my mind.
We need to live our lives for God WHOLEheartedly, and telling our friends about Jesus, and not just telling them that we go to church and everything and that we have lunch after. We need to say WHY we go to Church and WHY we come to events like Overflow.
I mean, if God can change a Christian killing Roman into someone who is so into the word of God and telling the world about Jesus, He can do some pretty crazy things with us. Doesn’t it say in the bible too about how we would do even greater things than him? It’s just a mind blowing experience and insane to think about it.
Not insane to God though.
And there’s the  hard times that we all have to go through, and the hard part about that? We still need to serve Him even though we don’t feel like it.
Honestly the speaking was so powerful, ( I added the part about the names of the speakers just not as I’m typing this.) both speakers today were just amazing to listen to.
And then, the last night of Overflow or just the last night of camp or any sort of even like this is just so powerful. Honestly, just seeing those youth, they are so hungry and so passionate for you God.
There is so much community.
We don’t even know everyone else, but we’re all one big family because of one thing.
Doors are being opened.
It’s a beautiful thing.

I think Mark Colwell had mentioned there was around 300 who gave their life to Jesus during the altar call.
That’s one big party in Heaven.
I’m reminded of the line at the end of the classic Christmas movie It’s A Wonderful Life – “Every time a bell rings, an angel gets its wings.”
Every time someone receives Jesus in their hearts, there’s rejoicing going on. One big celebration.


We’re on the bus right now to head home, but I don’t want to forget any of this.
God is so great.
The Holy Spirit definitely moved within everyone there, or at least I really do hope so. It was crazy though. I mean, being in church on a Sunday Morning with about 3000 other people is just something. I’m not even sure if I could describe it in one word or not, I think it was more that just simply an experience. I don’t even know what to say.
I missed putting in yesterday about my camera dying. My battery died, and I only had the one because I couldn’t find my charger before we left (Which I had moved, silly me!) so all I had was the one. Even though I could have picked one up at the mall on Saturday afternoon, I didn’t.
Talking about distractions, I kind of think my camera was one. As I love to take pictures and just creating memories, even during worship, I didn’t have to worry about dropping it, etc. Everything seemed so much better. There’s something about worshipping with thousands and thousands of people. It was definitely crazy amazing sweet.
But God is so good. We need The Spirit, that’s all.
We just need to go to God WITH EVERYTHING.
I remember Pastor Mark a number of years ago and something that he had said when it was all done and over for the weekend and we were just about to leave. (Now it’s been a number of years, and I can’t remember it exactly.)

“Now that Overflow’s over, once you get out those doors, it’s only just the beginning.”

Thank you everyone who helped out for just an incredibly weekend

Books = Imagination

We all know that the title is just plan and simple and easy to get, books are imaginative. They take you to places that you might not get to go to, or in some cases, places and times and worlds that don’t even exist (or had exist).

You start reading whatever book that it is your reading and suddenly your immersed in a world full of pirates, or up in space trying to save the galaxy from destruction, etc. There’s just so many places where could be when you read a book. If you get into it, like really get into the book that you’re reading, you feel like your part of that book, in the same world as the characters of the book, right alongside with them. One of my favourite books are The Chronicles of Narnia series by C.S. Lewis. I mean, one moment your in this beautiful old house full of history, and next moment, you see this wardrobe, in an empty room, but you step into it, and getting past all of the winter coats and that you find yourself in this whole other world with talking animals, and Lions, and a legend that you’re part of that you don’t even realize. and that’s only one book! (or even if your in stores with your brother and sister, and seeing a wardrobe and wanting to go to Narnia.)

There’s adventure in any book that you read, and I love to read. You get sucked into reading a good book, and next thing you know a few hours have gone by. I don’t know if everyone else has done it, but even giving different voices in your mind to all of the characters in the book so they don’t sound the same, and it just gives a book a whole other level. It just makes a ooh, I find, that much more enjoyable.

Even comics books (if you’ve been following along with this blog, hopefully you have) fall into this category. Whatever it is, I use different voices for the different characters and it makes things that much better, more enjoyable.

It doesn’t matter whatever you read, have some fun and who knows what  you’ll find.