And The Winner is…

I think I might have it figured out (Hopefully!)
A few days ago I posted that I was looking for a more compact camera for going on big trips since I wasn’t really planning on taking my bulky Canon Rebel T2i with me.
I had previously mentioned that I was thinking about getting an ilc camera, preferably the Sony Alpha a5000. I wouldn’t be getting any more lenses for it, and it only going to 50mm, I realized that I wanted something a little better so I wouldn’t miss a great photo.
I started looking at advanced point and shoot cameras, and in all. I’m not sure what I think about Canon’s more advanced P&S types.
After spending a good number of hours researching this, I think I have an answer – Sony Cyber-Shot HX90V (Links to review)

Now, all of the photographers out there are probably saying, “Why not go for the RX100?”
First off, the price. The RX models are more expensive. Plus, with an optical zoom of 3.6x, it’s basically up to 100mm. I don’t want to keep regretting if was ever to get one of them, that just not being able to get a better because because I wish it zoomed in more.

I don’t really care much for the flip up “selfie screen” of the HX90V though I guess it would be great for group pictures. If anyone has this model, do you know if it has a delay shutter, like setting it for 10 seconds so you can group everyone together before the camera takes the picture? That would be neat.

Also, I’m not sure how much nighttime pictures I’ll be taking with this, but every review I’ve read online says  that it’s not the greatest for low light sensitivity, high iso photos? But what do you think about it?

Another thing I want to know is how does it do with focusing on your subject while blurring out the background? Does it do well with motion, like someone playing soccer and taking a clear picture of them moving so fast?
I think I’ve looked at all of the options(Or I should say all of the other cameras), and I’m really liking what I’m reading about this.
Unless anyone else out there has some better ideas for about the same price range, under $500

I’d love to hear your comments and such. I’m not too big of a point and zoom person.

For the price of an ilc or this, I might be nothing with this just incase carrying lens wouldn’t be as light, or just the weight factor of each camera.


Camera Question for all of you photographers out there.

Topic – compact ilc cameras

In February, our church is planning on going on a missions trip to Costa Rica to help missionaries that we are sponsoring.
Anyways, to the matter at hand.
I really wasn’t on planning to take my Canon Rebel T2i with me because it is big and bulky and yeah, just carrying that around with everything that we’d be doing might no be a good idea.

So I’ve been thinking about ilc cameras. Basically it’s like a dslr but in a compact camera body. I’m not too familiar with these so I’ve been doing my research, and that’s another reason why I am asking all of you for your opinion/advice/help.
I’m not looking to spend a huge fortunate, but I would like some good quality pictures (not saying the a kodak easy share isn’t bad, but I might want to put this into focus.)
I’m not sure if anyone else has anything better they’ve found, but after doing research one that I like in particular s the Sony a5000. It seems compact, and even with the kit lens when turned off it compacts to 30mm, which is crazy! Stereo sound too!

The one thing that I’ve read aboutt that I like is that you can download apps through the camera like a time-lapse add-on and such, but my question is do they get downloaded to the sd card that you have in the camera or does it go into the internal memory of the camera?

The Sony a6000 looks great, but it’s the price tag. I’ve found the a5000 for about 398 which isn’t too bad, though I”m maybe seeing if I can find it cheaper (Buying just the body and a separate lens on eBay looks like it might be around the same price.)

Any advice/anything else would be greatly appreciated!

I don’t really think I want to go just point and shoot since I want also quality, but also video quality as well.

Edit – Even though I won’t be using this camera a lot, would you suggest I go with an ilc or Point and Shoot?

Stock Photography

I’m not sure how many of you are interested in Stock Photography, But among other photography options, I’m willing to also sell my photographs that I have up as Stock Photography. The Images that I have on my Storenvy site you can also purchase as stock photography. You can use them as many times as you want, commercially or personally use. Though for any kind of use I’d like you to credit the photography to myself John Lear and  would like to see how it’s being used if it’s possible. My photography that is available as Stock photography.
All payments will be made through PayPal.
All Images for Stock photography are only $10. A
Please use the contact form on my Storenvy page for further inquiries.

The Way NLT Bible Review

Today’s 16–30 year olds are looking for connection to something bigger than themselves. They want something that works and is honest, authentic. Something that they can actually experience. Something that gives them hope. The Way offers a way that works. A way that matters. A way that asks them to step up to something important enough—big enough—to live for. It’s a visual, textual, and interactive experience for a generation that has blurred the boundaries of media. It’s an interactive experience for those ready for collaboration, change, and a challenge. The Way connects a restless generation, a generation looking for direction, to Jesus—the Way, the Truth, and the Life. It uses first-person stories, reflections, and questions that bring the Bible to the real world.”

That’s the description that’s used for the Way on Amazon. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this. It’s a little bit modernized which will get more people connected because it’s something that can be understood easily by them, say, if they have problems reading other versions. Even the stark black and white photograph of the front couch on the cover, other than myself personally liking black and white photography, the couch, or sofa as some might prefer to call it, provides rest and relaxation. Something that fits into the bible perfectly.

Seeing even the qr code on the cover, gets the kids to interact more with it. I myself don’t have a cellphone ,but it does provide the website which I’m guessing is the same information as the qr code. If I did have a cell phone, I would definitely be using it, another way to get the generation to become more interactive with the bible, and even start to engage with the words that are written it in.

Even reading the first-person stories, brings it close to home, for anyone. They could say, “Hey, that’s like me.” and they might get more hope out of it because they can connect with things a lot more easily. I really enjoyed them and they encouraged me, even everything else that was written to help us out by engaging the word more and living our life for Jesus.

We all want to live our life for Jesus a lot more. With the translation and everything else that’s included. This makes such a great bible to have in anyone’s possession. Even though it’s heard toward teens and young adults, I think  anyone of any ages will get something out of it, hopefully a lot of somethings.

Advanced Reader’s Copy of the Bible has been provided courtesy of Tyndale House Publishers, Inc and Graf-Martin Communications, Inc.
Available at your favourite bookseller from Tyndale House Publishers, Inc

My Store is Open for Business!

I’m a day behind, I actually  finally got it open yesterday, but only writing about it now. For anyone that reads  this blog will know that I had set up an etsy account, but I never actually opened the store yet on that site.

A friend of mine told me about a site like that he uses for his Hardcore Luchador Products (I’ll explain that another time) called Storenvy. Now, I can’t remember if I heard about it before or not, but the site is basically like Etsy, though there’s one big difference. The no fees for posting items and no monthly fees that you have to pay, which is super cool indeed, and I know with Etsy you have to pay fees for the products you list Etc. (So I’m still deciding if I want to still open my store on there.)

Anyways, all I have right now in the store is some of my photography, but in the future I’m hoping to add more, and different than photography items.


My Store:


Any readers out there have a store on Storenvy?

I signed up for Etsy A Couple of Days Ago

Because I do like taking photographs, and I do have a bunch of frames I picked up when a store in town was going out of sale. So My Question to everyone. I know you like pictures of flowers, people out there do, but would they like them when there in 4×6 or even 5×7 frames?


(I do have pictures of other things, but this came across my mind the other day)