Dear CBS, I just watched MacGyver


Before I start this, I’m just going to say that my twitter handle is @mynamejohn and I was kinda live tweeting it but not.

I had high hopes for this, and I’m being serious, because well, it’s MacGyver.
I can’t remember when or how I started watching the show, but I did, and basically have every season on dvd, minus one and haven’t really seen the two tv movies that were made.

Anyways, while I was watching this, I felt like I was let down, along with everyone else who watched the originals. Now I know there were a lot of comments from everyone, but I wonder how many of those actually watched the original and not just this? It seemed like a few of them did watch the original though.

I was actually debating about not watching this at all. Namely because of one reason – Richard Dean Anderson. Now, I know he’s getting up there in age, but he’s MacGyver. Or well, not because you’re trying to modernize the show and I understand it. But honestly, he could have been put in a supporting role as in running the Pheonix Foundation, maybe helping out Lucas Till. There was the car commercials from a few years ago (I think it was for a German car company) and they made a series of ads with Richard Dean Anderson reprising his class role as Mac along with his daughter. There was no Richard Dean Anderson so why would I watch it?

No I know you have to replace Pete for The Pheonix Foundation, and I’m guessing since it’s the same last name that she is his daughter?  Maybe they could co-run it maybe?

Also, it’s weird not seeing Dawson as a big guy, just the muscular guy, that tv wants now and doesn’t doesn’t care much about anything else. They just want to be perfect.

Another thing, please redo the intro CBS. You shortened the amazing theme music, taking out amazing parts and scrapped them. You did a better job with the Hawaii FIve-0 keeping all of that. Do the same just with MacGyver.

Talking about the main character, let;s talk about Lucas Till. I think the writing needs to be better, the whole show seemed more likea not great James Bond thing, and MacGyver is not James Bond whatsoever. So Dear writers, please fix this.

The popups when he’s working on what he’s doing need to go, especially the words. we don’t need to know that he’s working on the millionth paperclip to unlock something. It was annoying and kind of ruined things. Like that airplane scene, we know what’s going to happen, you don’t need to make us feel like we’re stupid and don’t know anything, let things play out.

A major things I think they need to do is not make MacGyver like every other CBS show. It seams like they have a formula  and what that formula needs is a team. Look at every other CBS show that has a team, and if you think about it, it’s basically the same show, just changing a few things here and there. Please don’t make MacGyver like this, because it doesn’t need to be. It’s kind of annoying.

Make MacGyver original, don’t make it like everything else. Make it modern while also still having the feel of the original classic.

And please, don’t make the character’s so tight, they need to loosen up a little, it doesn’t always have to be serious, which is another minus. THe original was serious, but also light hearted.

And it seems like every CBS show has the whole team at the end either going to a bar or having a drink, honestly, what I really want to see, and maybe others, but maybe just me, is that MacGyver needs his houseboat. It’s something that mad the show unique and it was just really cool.

Honestly, there is so much potential with this, and there is so much with the pilot that could have been better.

CBS, you really need make this the MacGyver that we all deserve.


Dear Ontario Liberals and the Ontario Northland Transportation Commission,


Thank you for closing down the bus station in Englehart.
Thank you for saying that you would make the passenger bus system better when you cancelled the Passenger rail service.
Thank you for the good people that worked at the station that don’t have jobs anymore.
Thank you for allowing me to purchase my bus tickets in a multipack (so I can save money) before the station closed because at the Englehart Motel (or Olde Towne Inn) will only sell single tickets that are good only for the same day. (I don’t even know how early I should be anymore since they don’t have a waiting area and everyone’s going to fill the restaurant.)
Thank you for letting me waste more time then normal. (I get to go twice now instead of once! Why don’t I just stay there!)
Thank you for letting me try and cross Highway 11 and not kill myself especially when they are still working on the bridge and there’s going to be a lot of traffic on there. (I feel like I’m part of the game frogger.)
Thank you for making me not feel safe (see previous statement.)
Thank you for letting me able able to leave earlier for the bus now.
Thank you for closing the station in Matheson as well.
Thank you for subsidizing Go Transit in Southern Ontario, but not us. What if they weren’t subsidized by the government?
Thank you for caring about the North.
Thank you.

(I’m really trying not to be sarcastic if you weren’t getting that, but I was also trying to be nice while writing this.)

Dear International Olympic Committee


I wrote this after the Olympics, but I’ve been hesitant to post this. But recent events (I’ll be making another post about the Paralympics) But I’ve decided to post this.

Are The Olympics supposed to be fair? Was the Oath said at the start of the games by the athletes and also the referees and officials?

To be honest in some events, it almost seems like the Oath was not kept, or something seriously happened.

What happened to the Olympic Oath during the Women’s Semi-final soccer game between Canada and USA with the referee’s bad calls that cost Canada the game? The whole world could see that they were bad calls and yet nothing happens. And FIFA wants to penalize Canada?  So every time a team argues with the ref because of a bad call should get penalized? It doesn’t always happen. And Bad calls that are so wrong even FIFA can tell their wrong. A goalie is supposed to get a warning for holding the ball too long first, among the bad calls If Sinclair’s arguing then you know something is wrong, and what happens? We lose because of those bad calls, and miss our chance at Gold.  So what’s your justification for still penalizing?

But being Canada, we’re like the phoenix, we might get knocked down, but we rise up and fight and win that Bronze medal! wooooo

Let’s go with the next instance of what I think was not fair. It involves the men’s 4x400m relay. I don’t know all the rules but don’t runner’s have to stay in their own lane and not all join in one so Oscar Pistorius couldn’t run as fast because his lane’s being clogged?

And that leads me to my next and final point. Let’s talk about what happened earlier today in the men’s 4x100m relay. These two points tie into each other. So in the men’s 4×400 they can all pile into one lane but they have to stay in their own lanes for the 4×100? You announce that Canada wins Bronze and the take it away after keeping them in suspense because no one knows what happened.

All we can do is pray that Rio will go more smoothly.