The Reason – How I Discovered A Life Worth Living By Lacey Sturm Book Review

There is a reason you exist . . . 

The day Lacey Sturm planned to kill herself was the day her old life ended. As an atheist who hated Christians, she thought church was a place for hypocrites, fakers, and simpletons. After a screaming match with her grandmother, she ended up in the back of a sanctuary, hating everyone in the room. But what happened in that room is The Reason she is alive today.

With raw vulnerability, this hard rock princess tells her story of physical abuse, depression, suicidal struggles, and more–and her ultimate salvation. She asks the hard questions–Why am I here? Why am I empty? Why should I go on living?–showing that beyond the temporary highs and the soul-crushing lows is a reason each of us exists and a purpose for our lives. (Taken from Http://

So, I’m just going to say this right off the bat, how many people are getting this book because they listen to Flyleaf?

To  be honest, you don’t even need to listen to Flyleaf to read this book. This is the story of one woman and how her life turned completely around, having one mind frame, and then having something completely different. It’s raw, crazy, beautiful, amazing – I could probably have a big long list of words I could use to describe this book, but I’m not sure if you would have time to finish reading this review.

The reason that I decided to get this book and review it is because I knew who Lacey was, being in Flyleaf. I only had heard a few of the songs before, but I recognized the name.

Why do I like this book so much? Because of the passion you can read in the words on the page as she’s writing them down. It’s just a beautiful and wonderful book, the ups and downs and everything in between and how God changed her life. It’s a crazy book, but that’s what makes it beautiful. She isn’t afraid to say what’s on her mind and you can definitely feel the raw emotion.
I was so absolutely excited to get this book. There were parts that I was reading, and I was thinking it’s kind of like me in a way.
It’s simply an absolutely, truly amazing book and you can just feel the thought and dedication she put into writing it.

Just go buy this book and have your mind blown at how amazing is it and how much you’re life will change.
Just do it.

Lacey Sturm is a mother, wife, writer, speaker, and musician. Originally the voice behind the platinum-selling international rock band Flyleaf, she is now a solo artist. But most of all, she is one of God’s works of art, and she wants others to know and understand how special, how beautiful, how kaleidoscopically wonderful we are all made. Lacey speaks for the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association and its Rock the River events. She cofounded the Whosoever Movement and helped begin the RESET movement as one of their key speakers. She lives in Pennsylvania with her family. For more information, visit

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Real by Jamie Snyder Book Review

“Would people know I”m a Christian if they didn’t see me at church?”
This gut-check question was just what Jamie Snyder needed. Like many of us, he sensed his faith had become mechanical rather than meaningful, scheduled rather than passionate. Emboldened, Snyder set out to recapture the sold-out lifestyle of early followers of Jesus.
(Part of description  taken from

And, snap, that question in the description is one I think everyone should ask themselves, because it’s the truth. What would people say about me if they didn’t see me at church? Would they say that I’m still a Christian based on how I live my life? It’s an eye opener question because it’s the truth, because it’s real.

Along with everything that Jamie has to say in this, he brings in real life stories, which just bring more authenticity to it, and for me personally, real life stories are the way to go, because they bring more people together and they can relate with everything.

we all want to be 24/7 followers of Jesus, even though a lot of us get busy with everything else that boggles down our lives and gets us busy and a little distracted from what we really should be doing, and through this book, Jamie helps us bring everything around us into focus and that we can see what we need to see a little bit clearly, a little bit more real. Some of the stories in this book are just simply amazing and I want to tell you them all, but that would be ruining the book.

We all need to be 24/7 followers of Jesus, but the important thing is that we also need to be real, and Jamie Helps us along with things that he talks about in his book.

Jamie Snyder writes and preaches to thousands of people every week as pastor of Lakeside Christian Church. He previously served at the country”s fifth largest church, Southeast Christian Church, where Kyle Idleman pastors. Jamie and his wife, Alex, and their two young sons live in Lakeside Park, Kentucky. Learn more at

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An Invisible Thread Book Review

An Invisible Thread by Laura Schroff and Alex Tresniowski

“She was a successful ad sales rep in Manhattan. He was a homeless, eleven-year-old panhandler on the street. He asked for spare change; she kept walking. But then something stopped her in her tracks, and she went back. And she continued to go back, again and again. They met up nearly every week for years and built an unexpected, life-changing friendship that has today spanned almost three decades.” (Taken from The Description on

What would happen if you had an invisible Thread? Maybe you already have something like this and don’t even know it. An unlikely meeting one day that’s lasted for years and years. That’s the case of this book. Two unlikely people from different worlds that it seems like ,that create a friendship when they weren’t even expecting it.

We’ve all had friendships before, but have we had true friendships? The kind that each of you will be there through thick and thin and can talk about anything and the other person will be there? Sure, there’s always rough patches, we aren’t perfect. But True friends work things out, and whatever the circumstances may be, they stay friends whatever happens.


When I finished this book, I was truly captivated. This book seems like it has a lot of things in it things that we go through in our daily lives – frustrations, problems, you name it. This book has made me realized that things I might turn away from looking at, maybe I should turn away. Because you never know what may happen. It moved me to tears. I just want to reexamine my life now and maybe change the way I do somethings. This is One book that I think Everyone needs to read. And when I say everyone, I mean everyone. With more added.

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So, I’m fasting – Day 4

Today felt better than yesterday.

My stomach didn’t feel as hungry as sometimes like it did yesterday, yet, I ate basically the same amount of rice and beans. So I don’t get it. I don’t mind having rice and beans everyday, and today, I even had a cup of tea (President’s Choice Chocolate Mint tea to be exact) since for no reason, I’ve been sneezing for like the past couple of hours. I was totally fine and than it hit me all of a sudden. I think the tea did help a little with the sneezing and that.

I think it was on friday when my mom was soaking the beans (We’ve been having the dry kidney beans but soaking them before cooking, so they aren’t really all that dry) and I could not believe how much that bag of beans grew. I was like, “All those beans came ou of that bag?”

I also got my copy of Avenging Spider-Man #3 in the mail today. I haven’t read it yet Since I’ve been reading Unstuck, few pages into chapter 2 already

So, I’m Fasting – Day 3

So this is a day late. I was tired last night, and I didn’t feel like turning my computer back on.

Yesterday I was ok, but it started to get to me – just eating the rice and beans. Like being hungry and that. Other than that I was pretty much fine. I think maybe because we’re using the brown rice instead of just the plain white rice helps too. My mom cooked some more rice since we basically ran out of it. We did have some left over from the original batch but more was made. My sister is doing it for one meal of the day, so it lasted all day friday, breakfast on Saturday, and breakfast and lunch today. So about 13 servings of rice from the first batch which was pretty good, and I even put some soya sauce on it (not going to do that all of the time since they can’t do it all the time either.)

Has anyone else out there done anything like this before?

Note – I know it’s Monday, but I’ve written this post like it was still Sunday, when I should have written it. Maybe I should write them earlier in the day, who knows