I’m writing a novel

I’ve been working on this for a while, and I’ve written things before, but I’m actually getting serious about this. It’s called The Re:Birth Saga, and hopefully I can get 3 books out of this, but at least 2.

It’s a crazy story about adventure and secrets, and surprises and searching for the truth. I think everyone would like it. The First book is the Saga is called The Hidden City, and I hope everyone will read it, because I’ve posted the first chapter online!



I just hit the big 10!


You’re probably like, what’s John talking about? ten isn’t a big number. oh, and I’m talking about followers on WordPress. I’ve been on here since November of 2011 and I finally hit ten followers, isn’t that exciting?

People actually like my thoughts and everything else that I put on here. So Later on, you’ll find more book reviews(maybe by the end of the week or early next week you’ll have a view from me for Unstuck.), comic news, and anything else I feel like putting on here. Maybe even a little bit of Michael Bublé, but who knows?

(Random little sidenote – I definitely like how to get an accent on a mac you just have to press down the letter for a few seconds, menu comes up, press the button, and presto, you have an accented letter.)


and now a silly question to ask you fellow WordPress people  – When you have the follow me by email widget on the side and it says join however many number of followers, is that the number of people that are following your blog? because mine says 406, and that’s a pretty big number. (oh, and I even have a friend who told me he subscribes to  my blog via rss feeds, wooo)


No, I’m definitely not talking about that canned meat, I’m never had it, and I certainly never want to try it. Besides, I’ve seen people use it as a table cleaner or something like that on tv.

No, this is about the kind of spam that we get online. No nutritional value, just as dumb though. I checked my WordPress account this morning, and I had 5 spam comments, which I got rid of. It’s the most I think I’ve gotten so far, so should I say I’m getting spam famous? :P

I kind of laughed, one of the comments that I deleted was about not using bold and italics enough and to watch a 4 minute video, yeah, like I’m going to be doing that (there’s bold for you :P)

So my question today, does everyone out there get a lot of spam comments they have to delete? Or are some actually legitimate that somehow they get placed in there?