It’s that time of year again!

No, I’m not talking about Halloween.

I’mm not talking about Movember either (Although it’s a great cause and starts tomorrow)
What else starts tomorrow?


that’s right boys and girls, the time of the year when people lock themselves into their room and have no life while attempting to write a 50,000 word novel in a month. Oops, did I actually say people have no lives during the month of November? That’s such a lie, because I write like crazy and still have a life, and I actually finished it last year! I still think it’s pretty snazzy if I do say so myself.

So how many of you out there in the internet world or working on this? Will you be typing it on a computer in a boat, will you be handwriting it on a goat? (OK sorry, had Dr. Seuss rhyming going on in my head :P) I don’t think I could write 50,000 words in a month. Do any of you do that? or can do that? That’s crazy, and good for you! Have many of you use an iPad or anything like that to write your novel on. If you do what programs do you use? Me? I don’t have an iPad or an iPod or anything like  that, so I’ll be typing on my handy dandy iMac like I’ve done for the past two years.  I know I’ll be away This Saturday, and away for a weekend (Friday-Sunday) in two weeks? So that’ll be crazy to catch up. I’ll just have to type like 6,000 words a day or something like that (I was kind of doing that last year to)

Anyone want to reveal their ideas as to what they’ll be writing about? Or will you be too busy writing away?

As for me? I’ll be writing Fan fiction. 50,000 words of an amazingly and hopefully seriously epic Fan Fiction that involves a Certain U.S. Air Force Pilot by the name of Nathaniel Adam. It’s going to be great


The Prayer Of Love Book Review

“The Prayer of Love is about a little-known prayer that has the power to bring forth life transformation. Written in the pages of this book is an astounding little prayer that can dramatically change your life. Its words do not merely offer knowledge but, more important, are expressions of truths that have the ability to bring complete and lasting spiritual transformation.” (Taken from the description on

Do we want to be transformed? Do we want to live a life of Love and change our lives to reflect God’s personality through us? I think the answer is a definite yes. If God is in our lives, than we want to live the best for him that we can possibly do. The Prayer of Love is a book you’ll want to read than. Dr. Mark Hanby and Roger Roth, Sr. help explain this through the Prayer of Love that can change your life. They go through it and explain things so you can get a better understanding of how everything works and how it can affect your life. Some parts off the book, I needed to read twice just so I could understand it better, and it might be wise to read the whole thing through more than once because then you grasp the concept of it a lot better. It’s like with any book or a movie for that matter, read and going through it more than once, or watching a film a second time through or so forth, you learn a few more things that when you just went through it only once.

Let the words sink in to your life and let them really work through. I found a few times I was having a little trouble understanding things so I had to read them, maybe parts of it could have maybe been explained better so it would be easier to understand?

It’s about changing your life for the glory of God, for him to shine through you and for other people to see that and notice a change in you. All you need is love, because with love we can change the world.

I received a free copy of this book from Howard Books-a division of Simon and Schuster, for my honest review. The opinions expressed here are my own.

And Now for something not so completely different

For the last little while, all I’ve really been posting are book reviews. Now you people on the internet might really like them, but your probably also asking, Dear John, where’s everything else?

I kind of gotten lazy about posting things, but not anymore!

Remember when I posted the first two chapters of a book that I wrote? Did anyone read it? Does anyone have any questions or comments or concerns or anything else that I think I should add to it?

Guess what? I’m on Chapter 5! It’s taken me this long but I finally got past chapter 4 and started working on a new chapter.

And I’ll answer a question some people might be asking, No I won’t be putting up anymore Chapters (sorry people) but I’m actually looking to distribute it through ebook, actual book, like that.


Who knows, maybe I’ll give out a free copy when I’m done before I do al of this

As I See It By Tom Sullivan Book Review

” Bestselling author Tom Sullivan explores life without sight and finds it rich and rewarding. In fact, he’s gleaned a number of gifts from his “affliction,” including:
• I’ve never assessed my relationship with people according to the limits of labels or assumption.
• I’ve enjoyed a world of senses available to all of us but almost never explored by the majority of those with sight.
Through insightful stories and emotive writing, Tom describes a life of fullness, not lack, as he’s made blindness a positive. For Tom Sullivan-author, actor, athlete, singer, entertainer, and producer-a life with blindness has been a life with very few true limits. In this elegant exploration of the senses, he considers the different challenges he’s faced and explains the wonder he carries because, not in spite, of his blindness.” (Description from edited due to space)
Have you ever closed your eyes and just listened? I mean, just listened to something without seeing it? I have, and it definitely brings a new experience to your life. Without seeing things and just listening to the sounds, it brings a richness to things that may not be there when you see things as well.
So I was excited when I got this book in the mail, because I didn’t know the dots on the cover were actually braille, so I showed my mom, and  she thought it was really cool too. She used to work at a school for the blind (that’s how my parents met if I remember the story right)and she’s heard about Tom Sullivan. (She’s now the Special Education Teacher at the high school in town, so I was telling her about some of the things in the book, because she absolutely relates to them.
I was honestly blown away by everything that Tom has done in his life. I remember hearing or reading something a years ago that said “A disability is just only a different ability.”
It was something along the lines of that, but I think it’s true, everyone has countless abilities, some might have or do their abilities in a different way than you and I and I honestly think we need to change our whole attitude about life.
We see someone disabled, and we probably start getting thoughts in our head, but you know what? they can do everything we can.look at the olympics in London – A Korean archer whose blind, track athlete who has no legs and a table tennis player with only one arm, and that wasn’t even in the Paralympics! It just blew my mind watching it, the determination that they have is just the same as anyone else that was out there.
Never say that someone can’t do something, because you know, that person might totally blow you away at what they can do in life, especially in the case of this book. Tom Sullivan blew my mind away with everything that he’s done and the life that he has lived, because wow, it’s something amazing.
So if you want a book that will truly amaze you, inspire you to a whole new level of living, then get this book, read this book, and maybe let someone else read this book, or just tell them how amazing it is and they’ll get their own copy, and it’ll be a domino effect. People will be buying their own copies and sharing it with all of their friends and so on, because with this book you’ll have a whole new way of living.This book has been provided for review purposes courtesy of Howard Books

InSignificant by Chris Travis Book Review

“Popular Author Reveals the Unexpected Ways God Gets Things Done If you want to change the world, you have to do it God”s way. And God”s way looks nothing like our culture”s way. Author and pastor Chris Travis gathers powerful true stories–including his own experiences teaching in a dangerous public school–to cast a vision of how God has a way of turning things upside down: he makes the weak strong, the foolish wise, and the insignificant matter. Anyone who wants to live a life of meaning will benefit from this gripping and insightful book. Includes end-of-chapter questions for personal study or small group discussions. “(Taken From


We all matter to God, you might not think that way, but you matter, and everyone matters. God’s changing this world in a unique and exciting way and we’re all a part of it.

To be honest,  I only got this book for two reasons: 1- I really liked the description of it, and 2 – I really like the orange cover of the book.

When I read it, I was completely blown away. Chris uses the true stories that are all through the book to shape the way that God is using them to change the world. Kind of like our own experiences that are used to help shape and define who we are, that helps change the world around us, even if we don’t think it is, God is using them.

I was deeply moved when I read this, makes me take a look at my life and how  I do things, and what I can do differently to help change the way things are for God’s Kingdom.

Thank you Chris, for this amazing book.


This Book was provided for review purposes courtesy of Bethany House.


Miracles: A Journalist Looks at Modern Day Experiences of God’s Power by Tim Stafford Book Review

“Award-Winning Journalist Takes a Close Lookat Modern-Day Miracles Miracles give us hope. But while readers are fascinated by stories of miracles, they aren”t always sure which ones to believe. Stafford takes a careful look at miraculous events in our modern world–some hard to accept and others hard to deny–then places them in a historical and biblical context. Along the way he explores questions about where and under what circumstances miracles occur today, and what role they should play in the lives of Christians.” (Description taken from

Miracles can be absolutely crazy. People that have been blind can see, people who have lost their hearing can hear again. I don’t know about you, but I think that’s pretty amazing. I was really intrigued to read this book because I wanted to know more about the miracles happening today.

We all know all the crazy and oh so amazing miracles that happened in the bible – turning water into wine, 1 Prophet for God against 400 Prophets for Baal (This is one of my favourite events of the bible) The list goes on.

Tim Stafford does an excellent job with this book, taking a look at the miracles today, in modern times 2,000 years after the death of Jesus. Amazing things happen, and I think they’ll still happen if we have faith, because anything is possible.  Tim just amazed me with this book, though I did have to reread some parts to get them, which was absolutely fine with me.

If you, like me, are wanting to know more about miracles, get a copy of this book, you definitely will not be disappointed, a fantastic read.


Book has been provided courtesy of Baker Publishing Group and Graf-Martin Communications, Inc. Available at your favourite bookseller from Bethany House, a division of Baker Publishing Group.